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Bench & Stationary Power Tools

Create a more versatile workshop with new bench tools from Sears 

Whether you're making a simple birdhouse for the backyard or crafting a new dinner table from scratch, the right bench tools help you master difficult woodworking tasks. Table saws will help you make cuts quickly and accurately. Then turn on your stationary sander to smooth out the edges. From drill presses to lathes and everything in between, Sears has the stationary power tools you need to make quick work of tough jobs. 

Along with woodworking, these powerful tools will slice through metals and plastics as well. The right saw blades will help you cut through various materials cleanly. Miter saws are built to make precise, angular cuts for unique projects. Scroll saws will help you create flowing cuts through a variety of materials. Lathes will help you create stunning adornments on table legs and other round pieces for an even more beautiful finish. 

Once your workshop or garage is outfitted with a variety of stationary tools, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of safety gear on hand to protect yourself as you work. Sears has all the stationary and bench tools you need to create a shop that is ready to go no matter the project you want to finish.