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Corded Handheld Power Tools

Handheld power tools maximize the versatility of your workshop

When it's time to buy new toys for your workshop, you are always eyeing the shiny band sawsstationary sanders and other stationary power tools. These behemoths are great for cutting and finishing lumber for large renovation and building projects. They have power and functionality, so any homeowner would be happy to own a few. However, the true value of a workshop lies in the handheld power tools, which take care of the everyday grunt work and finishing that has to happen before your projects can ever be complete.

You probably already recognize the value of a good handheld drill. Many projects don't need to be hauled out to the workbench for a quick screw or hole. With a handheld drill, you can take the tool to the project without breaking your back. On projects that require several screws, it is nice to move a lightweight hand drill around rather than hauling your entire project to a stationary drill. And handheld drills can assemble projects in a fraction of the time that a simple screwdriver can do the job.

Another great handheld power tool is the circular saw. While a stationary saw is always a safer option, sometimes you just can't haul a giant power tool out to your worksite. A circular saw can do much of the same work at any location, which is a relief when you have to saw up lumber in the woods behind your house or you don't want to get sawdust all over the garage. There are several other styles of hand saws that are great for various projects as well. Reciprocating saws can make clean cuts through drywall when you need to make an electrical or plumbing repair or you simply want to patch up a hole that was already there.

If you hate swinging a hammer for hours on end, then an impact driver is a great handheld power tool for you. These tools take care of nails without the fear of smashing your thumb or other fingers. Plus, they can squeeze into all those nooks and crannies to nail stuff together where a hammer simply can't reach. Impact drivers come with several attachments that make them great for any size nailing project and are much safer to use than nail guns.

A handheld sander is essential if you plan to do any carpentry or woodworking. Sometimes the dimensions of your project just won't work in a stationary sander, and you need the flexibility that a smaller, more mobile sander can provide. Sanding is an important finishing task that can't be overlooked, and a good handheld sander will be able to handle any project, from one that require tough grit all the way to heirloom pieces that require little more than some buffering action.

Finally, a handheld multitool is a handyman's best friend when it comes to power tools. This style of tool, popularized by the Dremel company, can grind, sand and saw its way through just about any project. The versality of this tool makes it a great value for the money and always gives you something you can use at your fingertips, even when you are miles away from your workshop.

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