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Corded Handheld Power Tools

Gear up for home repairs, craft projects and more with new corded power tools from Sears

No matter what task is at hand, new corded power tools can help you complete your next project more efficiently. Whether you're building a new collection of tools or want to expand the capabilities of your existing homeowner's tool set, corded handheld power tools from Sears make an excellent addition to any tool box. Use a corded drill to drill holes for homemade projects, or plug in a corded saw to make precise cuts every time. The power cord ensures that you won't run out of battery power halfway through a project.

Corded circular saws, jig saws and reciprocating saws can be used to customize the width and length of projects materials ranging from dense woods to thin metals and plastics. When you've got the pieces trimmed to the appropriate measurements, a sander or oscillating multi-tool that features numerous attachments can help remove blemishes and finish the exterior. Add the finishing touch to woodworking and auto body projects with a new corded electric buffer or polisher.

While cordless handheld power tools may be ideal for on-the-go projects in remote locations, a corded handheld power tool isn't susceptible to a dead battery. Don't let your work come to a sudden halt. Tackle demanding projects with reliable new corded power tools from Sears.