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If you need nail guns that can handle in-between sizes of fasteners, then brad nailers may be the solution for you. These tools shoot nails into your projects or baseboards, but don't leave giant holes behind for you to fill. Big enough to secure your project, but small enough to not be noticeable, the nails from these guns are perfect for a huge variety of projects. Plus, you can buy headless nails for a seamless finish every time. Your brad nailer will work with your air compressor system or you can buy one that runs off an electrical outlet. From power hammers to special nail guns, Sears has it all. Come in to find great new additions for the tool collection growing in your workshop.

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Brad nailers offer strong bonds with minimal finishing required

When it is time to attach the finishing touches onto your home construction or woodworking project, it can be hard to decide what type of attachment will give you the strongest bond with a minimal amount of visible scarring. Nails are clunky and have large heads, while glue guns can create quite a mess. Handheld riveters are easy to use, but still leave a pretty big mark. If you need something that leaves an imperceptible attachment, you will probably choose between simple brad nailers or joiners that make complex tongue and groove assemblies. While tongue and groove woodworking is a art form, you don't always have the time it takes to do that extra work.

Brad nailers are a type of nail gun that fires off medium-sized nails. This medium size is small enough that it can be easily patched over without too much hassle (or is barely noticeable at all), but big enough to get a strong hold on whatever it is that you need attached. For example, baseboards aren't usually a focal point in any room, so you can get away with small nails deep into the wood. Brad nailers will shoot out nails with no heads, so you can insert a nail, leaving nothing in your baseboard but a tiny, barely visible hole. While some construction nailers leave larger marks that need to be quickly patched over, you can skip this step if you use a brad nailer.

Likewise, brad nailers can also be used for fine detail projects even though they do leave a mark. The nails aren't extremely large, so a patch job won't take much time to do when you have a project that might get up close and personal with judging eyes. Light furniture construction is a great place to use brad nailers. They will get everything attached securely, but can easily be covered with upholstery or small patches without involving a lot of extra effort for you. Brad nailers are easy to use and come in both electric or pneumatic options. An electric nailer uses electromagnetic force to propel the nail or brad out of the gun, while a pneumatic tool uses compressed air. The pneumatic tool typically gives more power, but does require the additional purchase of an air compressor. This extra cost may be worth it to you if you plan to run several other tools off of your air compressor.

Whether you need a handheld staple gun or a handy powerful brad nailer, make your first stop Sears, where you can find a variety of manual and power tools to fit the needs of any project. From the nails and screws to giant table saws, you will find everything you need to get your project from start to finish in no time. When it comes to quality, you know we have brands that last a lifetime at an affordable price that won't break the bank.


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