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      Buffers add sheen to almost any surface

      When you want your car to look as great as if you've just left the detailer's, why not just go ahead and purchase a buffer? You can have the professional level car-care results without the cost. Not only will you use it to get rid of minor scratches on your vehicle, but you can also use the buffer to apply wax. Waxing your vehicle is important. It provides a protective layer on your paint job, guarding against all the elements Mother Nature throws at it and small dings, thanks to shopping carts gone wild on windy days and people carelessly tapping your car when opening their car doors. With the protection of wax, you'll even decrease the possibility of corrosion.

      One option is the 10-inch Buffer/Polisher from Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. With its 1.1 amp permanent magnet motor, you can get the same results as you would with a professional detailer. The difference is the buffer will pay for itself after one use. It has a counter-weight system, which mimics a hand-polishing motion. The foam pad will glide over all the curves on your vehicle. But it's a lot less work for you to use it than to buff by hand, because the Craftsman buffer has 2,800 orbits per minute that will give you a swirl-free shine. You'll appreciate that the ball bearings are permanently lubricating, ensuring smooth operation without any muss or fuss. The ergonomically designed handle has a soft overfold, so you don't have to worry about cramping hands. The on/off switch is even on top of the handle, making it easy to reach at any time. This model is actually a kit, so it comes with three terry cloth bonnets, two wax-applicator bonnets, one reusable polishing bonnet, one applicator pad and a 5-gallon bucket.

      Porter-Cable is another trusted brand Sears offers customers like you. Look for the Porter-Cable 6-Inch Variable-Speed Buffer Polisher Polishing Tool. It's another option. Sears knows you like options, so we provide a number of them. The Porter-Cable polisher features a 4.5-amp motor for high overload protection and random orbit, swirl-free sanding/polishing action with an electronic variable-speed dial.

      Or how about the Wen 7'' Variable Speed Polisher/Sander? It's a two-fer. You get a polisher and a sander with an 11-amp motor with speed control. You can quickly change accessories, thanks to the spindle lock. You can also move the handle to the left or right.

      Sears carries a number of replacement buffer bonnets to fit the various models when you need them. The right tool for the right job makes any Saturday afternoon project easy to do. We offer everything from grinders to laminate trimmers. Plus every home improvement weekend warrior and woodworking needs a sander. Sears has what you need, when you need it. We offer quality materials at prices you can afford.


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