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      Start a collection of circular saws that will help you renovate your home from top to bottom

      When you are renovating your home, you probably rely on the old basics like table saws and hand tools like brad nailers, as well as the occasional specialty saws like scroll saws and band saws. By far, the most common type of saws in your shop are circular saws. These are built from a time-tested design; after all, circular saws make quick, clean cuts that get you back to building faster. Of course, one saw isn't enough to make all you need for a craftsman-like home, so start a collection of saws that will help you get everything done easily from beginning to end.

      The most affordable style of circular saw is the hand saw. This is a hand power tool that is portable and hooks up to any electrical outlet. The hand circular saw is great because you can carry it from job site to job site and it doesn't take up a lot of room in your truck bed or car trunk. Likewise, it is easy to lug from room to room so you don't always have to drag your lumber outside when you just need to make a quick cut. This power hand tool is an essential item for any workshop and is an affordable buy if you have a budget that only allows for one power tool.

      Table saws are the most versatile style of circular saw, allowing you to make cuts at any number of angles. Table saws typically consist of a circular saw sunk into the center of a table. While there are fewer safety protections with this kid of saw, it is great for handling a huge variety of large cuts. With the stability of a table-based saw, you will be able to handle larger lengths of lumber than with a hand saw. Plus, if the saw is placed in the middle of your work area, you will be able to move around the saw with ease to make cuts at any angle.

      A chop saw is a very handy saw to have if you need to make a lot of quick cuts of lumber. This saw is suspended on a lever. You place the lumber under the saw and then easily pull the saw down to make your cut. These saws are fairly safe, since they have guards and automatic shut off systems when the saw is not in an engaged position. If you have to do a lot of repeated cuts, this type of saw can save you some elbow grease. Similar to the chop saw is the miter saw, a chop saw that cuts at angles. When you need to miter corners for a door frame or baseboard, a miter saw can make quick work of all those cuts.

      If you have to handle concrete, countertops or tile, you may want a tile saw, which is a circular saw designed for tougher materials. A tile saw usually uses a diamond blade, which is tougher than a regular saw and will cut through the hard material without going dull. Most tile saws are wet saws, meaning water is fed through the machine to keep the saw from overheating while making cuts. If you choose to get this kind of saw, you will want nearby access to a water line and drainage system.

      A collection of circular saws can help you make every cut in a minimal amount of time. This will help you get your projects done faster and will increase the accuracy of your cuts, which will save you some trouble during assembly. Whether you need a basic hand saw for a few quick fix-it projects or a large table saw that can handle just about anything, you're sure to find what you need at Sears. With trusted brands like Craftsman and great prices, we have everything you need to outfit your workshop at any budget you set.


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