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      Get everything you need in one package with power tool combo kits

      Starting your workshop can be a lot of work. Power tools are expensive and it is always hard to tell what you might need ahead of time. You probably won't have to buy concrete power tools for simple home projects, but you will need various corded power tools and cordless options to take care of any repair or project with ease. If you are a handyman, you might want to have a workshop that includes plumbing tools, lawn and garden tools, carpentry tools and more. One easy way to get a head start on your workshop tool collection is to invest in power tool combo kits. Some combo kits are made with basic home repair in mind, while others focus on carpentry or plumbing needs.

      You have several different tools to choose from when selecting combo kits. Most combo kits include a drill. This basic tool can be used for anything from construction projects to hanging artwork on the wall. Make sure the kit includes a couple of different sized drill bits as well as various screwdriver heads. Your kit could include either a cordless or corded drill. Corded drills typically offer a little more power, but cordless drills are far more portable. You will have to select the right combo kit based on the intended use of your tools. Along with a drill, you will probably find a couple of other common hand tools in with the bunch. An impact driver is a great tool that helps you hammer in nails without worry about hitting your thumb. Plus, a lot of impact drivers can get into tight places that hammers can't. This is a great tool to have in a combo kit if you plant to do a lot of home repairs or small building projects.

      If you are thinking about doing some carpentry, you will want a kit that includes at least one saw. A circular saw is the most useful portable saw for cutting lumber down to size. While you might keep your workshop in one place, it is nice to know you can take your saw out to the front yard so you don't fill up the garage or shed with sawdust. A reciprocating saw is another great choice for helping you cut through tough stuff. This saw is best used on demolition but is also great for cutting holes to add electrical or plumbing features, as well as assist with patching up damaged drywall. Install insulation or carpet with a stapler.

      Your combo kit should also include some finishing tools as well. A handheld grinder is great for shaping things down to size and can be very handy when you need one in a pinch. A portable sander is essential for making sure that your work is glassy smooth when it is completed. Some multitools such as the Dremel offer both grinders and sanders, so look for those in a combo kit in order to get the most bang for your buck.

      One final consideration for your combo kit is whether or not you want corded or cordless tools. The nice thing about buying a kit full of cordless tools is that they often use the same type of battery, which means if your battery runs out in one tool and you don't have time to charge, you can snag a battery from another tool to get you by until the project is done. Corded tools generally offer more power than cordless which can be important if you are going to be making cuts or drilling holes all day long. Plus, you hardly ever have to worry about losing your power source. Let Sears help you choose the perfect kit for you, with a variety of combo kits available to fit every lifestyle or project.


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