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      When you need to slice through tough material such as tile, stone and concrete, ordinary reciprocating saws and hammers just won't cut it. Concrete power tools are designed to stay sharp and make clean cuts in any type of stone. Featuring diamond-tipped blades and wet operation, these machines can make cut after cut through countertop material, flooring and even your driveway. From demolition hammers to tile saws, you can find what you need at Sears. Stop by to browse a variety of tools that can handle the toughest materials.

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      Get it done with concrete power tools that cut through almost anything

      You may have found that most power tool combo kits are meant for lumber or metal work. While extremely helpful for many home construction projects, these kits are not so helpful when it is time to cut countertops or tile. Likewise, it's tough to remove old stone and brick accents without dulling the blades on your saws and the bits on your drills. Luckily, there are a few concrete power tools that can help you get the job done without too much trouble. Most concrete power tools have a few things in common. First, they typically come with diamond blades. While these blades are more expensive, they are also super tough, which means they won't go dull after just a few cuts. Second, they pack a lot of power. While some regular power tools can accommodate diamond blades, many don't have enough juice to cut through the denser concrete material, which can put a lot of strain on your motor if you aren't careful. Finally, many concrete power tools are wet tools, which mean they run water through the tool to cool the blade as it cuts. This means you will be able to cut continuously without having to take breaks to wait for your blade to cool down.

      Concrete saws come in the same basic formats as regular saws. Most common is the circular saw, which is a handheld saw that can go wherever you go. Likewise, concrete table saws are great for making cuts at any angle while retaining a fair amount of control over your material and cuts. For larger chunks of concrete, you can get a walk-behind push saw, which cuts the concrete below you as you walk. This is a great tool to have if you need to re-do a part of your driveway or sidewalk. Unlike a hammer, the saw will cut even chunks out so you can do a neat and tidy patch job.

      Concrete grinders are perfect for finishing work on stone countertops and tile. These grinders operate as sanders or polishers for your stonework. If you are working on a countertop or smaller surface, a hand grinder should be all you need. Larger projects such as floors will require a larger grinder, typically available as a push-behind model. Both styles of grinder should be wet, which will help prevent sparks as you work as well as reduce the amount of silica dust that is created as you polish your material. Dry grinders may be cheaper, but they can cause irreversible damage to some finishes, such as marble floors.

      Sometimes you need to anchor screws or hooks into stone, concrete or brick. For this task, you can use a hammer drill, also called a roto-drill. This drill is a special tool designed specifically for concrete and stone. The tool combines a standard drilling motion with a rapid hammer that helps drive the drill into the harder surface. While you might not need this tool a lot, a good drill will prevent cracking and breaking, which is a huge advantage if you just shelled out a lot of money for those granite countertops.

      No matter what concrete power tools you need, you are sure to find the perfect fit at Sears. From saws to grinders to drills, we have all the machines that can dig down into the toughest materials, as well as accessories like replacement blades and water pans for wet blades. Stop in to check out a great selection of items from the brands that are household names.


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