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      With different wheels, grinders can tackle a number of jobs

      A grinder is a multi-purpose tool, making it a must-have for your workshop. Though many people think of a grinder simply as a way to sharpen tools, there are an almost endless number of uses. You'll use it for auto body repairs, which is great if you like to restore vehicles. It can remove rust deposits. You can even sharpen ice skates every year in the comfort of your own workspace.

      Some grinders are powered by electricity, while others are pneumatically driven. You can also choose from a bench-top or portable unit. Which one do you need? Well, it depends on how often you use the grinder. If you're always finding yourself reaching for the grinder when working on home improvement or woodworking projects, then choose a bench-top, because it can handle a heavy workload. A bench-top has two wheels. One will be low grit, which will handle coarse work. The other has a high grit for more detail. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a wheel will be anywhere from 5 to 10 inches in diameter. The wheels will spin at about 3,500 RPM, depending on the make and model. Portable grinder blades aren't as big, about 2 to 7 inches. Typically, when it comes to horsepower, you'll find 1/5 HP to 1 HP.

      The wheel type will determine what tasks you can complete. A sanding wheel will allow you to prepare a surface to receive paint. In addition, you can use it to sharpen and sand. If you're a gardener, you'll appreciate the flapper wheel. You can use it to sharpen some of the garden tools you use the most, such as a shovel. The flapper wheel will also help you sharpen axes, come wood-chopping time. With a fiber wheel, you can get rid of rust and burrs on metal. The wire/brush wheel is also great for rust removal. Use it to take off old paint, too, when you've found an antique you adore with a paint color you abhor. The buffing wheel allows you to buff and polish surfaces. Cut bolts, bars and rods with the cutoff wheel. Use a dry-cut diamond wheel when you need to cut stone, concrete or tile. If you're getting rid of a crumbling fireplace, use a tuck-pointing wheel to get rid of mortar. Woodworkers will need an aluminum oxide wheel. A silicone carbide is the wheel to put on the grinder when you are working on metal pipes and need to round the edges. In addition, use it when sharpening your metal tools. To keep your lawn tractor's blades sharp, use a grinding wheel on the grinder.

      One of the features you should look for is a model with a water tray so you'll be able to cool metal as you grind. Other features you'll appreciate is a variable speed motor and a vacuum attachment. It's an essential attachment when removing mortar.

      We have a variety of grinders to choose from, including DeWalt, Metabo, SGS Tool Company and Craftsman, of course. Craftsman is America's most trusted brand. While you're checking out our selection of grinders, browse the website to find oscillating multi-tools and reciprocating saws. Also, look for a sander, a valuable tool you'll use frequently.


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