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Use glue guns to put together projects with ease

In the old days of woodworking, you had to rely on tongue and groove assemblies, handheld riveters, nails or screwguns to get the job done. Power tools can be expensive and dangerous, especially if your clumsy thumbs have a habit of getting in the way. Long designated to the realm of hobbyists and crafters, glue guns are now becoming an essential tool in any workshop for their easy and efficient ability to hold stuff together without a lot of elbow grease.

There are several different types of guns to help apply adhesive to your project. The most common type is the traditional glue stick gun, which heats up sticks of adhesive that are fed through the gun. The type of adhesive in the stick may vary depending on whether or not you need a high heat or low heat adhesive. For easy application, you can use a gun with a trigger that feeds the glue stick through the gun as you aim and apply. If you need to adjust the speed that the adhesive is applied, you might do better with a triggerless model that lets you feed the glue stick through at your own pace. While many crafting-style glue guns will actually do the trick in the work room, there are several name brand workshop glue guns available that can handle larger sticks or hotter adhesives.

Accessories for your glue gun can help give you more control over your project. Different tips can control and guide the flow of glue. Other tips are designed especially to avoid bothersome dripping in-between applications. This kind of precision work is great for woodworking projects that need a little extra holding power without visible scarring. You can also use your glue gun without specialty tips to set baseboards, crown molding and other semi-permanent structures into place until you are ready to make them permanent. This gives you the ability to perfectly place everything before setting the final screws or striking the final nails. And, if you do leak a little glue, buffers can get that disturbance right out without scarring your project.

In addition to traditional glue stick guns, you can use a heat gun that seals already-placed adhesive onto your project. In this case, you lay the adhesive wherever you want your seal to be, then hold your heat gun over the adhesive until it has properly melted. Like the glue stick guns, you will have to wait for the adhesive to dry before moving your project, but you will have more time in placement to make sure the adhesive is exactly where you want it before you apply the heat. The heat guns operate in a similar fashion to blow dryers, but get much hotter; you will need to use care when operating a heat gun in order to make sure you don't burn yourself or surrounding objects.

Whether you need a glue gun for a hobby or a hardcore construction project, you are sure to find exactly what you need at Sears. With many glue options available from heat guns and high-heat glue guns to small low heat detail glue guns, we have a great selection to fit any style and size project. Stop in to browse the selection and pick out the perfect glue gun that will hold your project together year after year.

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