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Jig saws allow you to make precise, intricate cuts

Whether you're working on a framing project or cutting a hole for an electrical outlet, a jig saw allows you to get into places a traditional saw cannot. You also have a lot more control, allowing you to make precise, intricate cuts. When shopping for a jig saw, you want to start by looking at the amount of power a model has. Power is measured by the amps; the more amps a jig saw has, the bigger the project you can tackle as a weekend warrior or woodworker. If it's a big job that will take a while, a corded jig saw is a great option, because you won't have to worry about running out of juice. However, using a cordless jig saw means you don't have to worry about constantly watching where the cord is so you don't cut through it, damaging the tool and, more importantly, causing injury. With a cordless jig saw, purchase extra batteries so you don't have to worry about running out of power. Also, look for a high-voltage model.

The features you need depend on how you use the jig saw. For example, a laser line is great if you'll be making a lot of straight cuts. If you are in the market for a jig saw because as a woodworker you want to do some scrollwork and make intricate cuts, look for a 360-degree rotating blade. It helps to have a jig saw that offers variable speeds. You can speed up when going straight and slow down when making detailed cuts. No matter how you plan to use the jig saw, look for one that allows you to change blades quickly and easily, preferably without having to use any tools. If you purchase a jig saw with dual-bevel capacity, you don't have to worry about turning the work piece. You can make angled cuts in more than one direction. When it comes to east of work, it's nice to have a jig saw that allows you to store various blades on-board, and you'll also appreciate a jig saw with a dust blower so you can see where you're cutting.

With all of that in mind, check out the wide variety of jig saws we offer at Sears. You'll find the brands you know and trust, including Bosch, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Hitachi, Ryobi and, of course, Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. In addition to offering a number of brands to choose from, we make sure we have prices that are budget-friendly. So take a look at the Bosch 7.0 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw. It's a great option thanks to its tool-less blade change system. Insertion and ejection is easy with a lever that eliminates the need to touch a hot blade. It has a secure jig saw clamping system. It's great whether you're left or right handed, thanks to the ambidextrous lock-on button for steady long cuts. The precision-machined plunging system and low-vibration design allows for enhanced accuracy and extremely smooth operation. It has an adjustable dust blower and includes a non-marring overshoe, anti-splinter insert, blade, bevel wrench and carrying case.

In addition to purchasing a jig saw today, load your online cart with one of our many miter saws, radial arm saws and spiral cutting tools. Sears has everything you need.


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