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Joiners help take care of the detail work

Crafsmanship. That's the word that comes to mind when you think of woodworking projects. As any woodworker or carpenter will tell you, craftsmanship comes down to the details. You'll need a biscuit joiner with just about every woodworking project on your to-do list: cabinets, tables, chairs, entertainment centers, desks and more. Even if you get everything else right, you can ruin the look of the piece with a poorly constructed joint. With biscuit joiners from Sears, you don't have to worry about a biscuit that just won't fit or a cut that's too deep. Our selection of biscuit joiners and the various accessories provides you with the power and precision you need.

Check out the 6-amp Corded Plate Joiner from Craftsman. That 6-amp motor runs at 10,000 RPM, providing the speed you need for fast, clean cuts. The adjustable front fence with rack-and-pinion also helps ensure an accurate depth adjustment and bevel scales. You can use No. 0, No. 10, No. 20 biscuits. It has a 10-foot cord, so you can take it where you need it. The cord clip will help keep it out of the way. The removable dust bag provides chip collection, reducing workshop cleanup. You'll appreciate the nonslip vertical fence, which prevents slippage. Craftsman is America's most trusted brand. We sell a number of biscuits and other accessories you'll need.

If you prefer or need to make a mortis and tenon joint, we have just what you need. Take a look at the Festool 12/14 mm Domino Tenon Assortment from Tooltechnic Systems. The Festool Beech Tenons are made from all-natural, solid hardwood for strength and stability. Another joiner to consider is the Porter-Cable 560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System. It's just what you need when making built-in cabinetry, furniture or wainscoting. You'll appreciate the variable spaced bushings on this model. They allow you to create a number of positions for the pocket. Its automatic depth control system makes it easy to set up for holes for different material thicknesses. It has a self-adjusting clamp. It'll automatically adjust to a material's thickness. You'll like the screw-length gauge. It recommends the right screw length based on the material's thickness. It features a removable dust port. You can hook it up to a Porter Cable dust extractor or a standard vacuum.

If you're a woodworker, also check out the other power tools we offer. We have power screwdrivers and handheld riveters. And if you need a sander, look no further. Sears prides itself on providing quality products as prices you can afford so that you can have all the power and hand tools and supplies you need.


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