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Oscillating multi-tools are multi-tasking wonders that offer all the precision you need

Manufacturers are always coming up with new tools to make home improvement, lawn and garden and woodworking projects easier. One of the latest is the oscillating handheld tool. When you look at it, it'll remind you of an angle grinder. Some tools work by rotating blades or bits, but the oscillating tool gets the job done by going back and forth. Since going back and forth is the motion needed for grinding, cutting and sanding, most oscillating tools come with those three attachments.

The tool varies some based on the manufacturer, but there are a few common features. You'll find corded and cordless models. Look for an oscillating tool with a variable speed. You'll have better control as you using the grinding, cutting and sanding attachments to complete a project, especially if you're a woodworker. One benefit of an oscillating tool is that you'll have less sawdust to deal with. It's stability makes it an extremely precise tool. In fact, if you're looking for a tool that will give you accuracy and precision, you don't have to look any further than the oscillating tool. In addition, many times manufacturers boast about the oscillating tool being safer than the alternatives, such as a high-speed rotating bit.

Sears has a number of oscillating tools from which you can choose, including the Quick Release 2.5-amp Multi-tool from Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. It is a variable speed model, delivering you the power you need when you need it. In fact, it's 25 percent more powerful than its predecessor. Use it when trimming baseboard, removing old grout or fine sanding a project. It has an array of heads to help you get the job done. And it features a quick blade release (no more dealing with pesky hex keys) so you can switch from one head to another easily. You'll appreciate its bright LED light, which gives you the visibility you need to get a number of jobs done right. It comes with a sanding base plate, straight edge cutting blade, circular cutting blade, circular grout disc, triangular grout disc, scraping blade and three sheets of 180, 60 and 20 grit sandpaper.

You can't go wrong choosing any of the brands offered online. We make sure we offer quality brands at prices you can afford. So after ordering an oscillating tool, go shopping for some additional corded power tools. Jig saws will help you create intricate details. We carry an assortment of power hammers. And when you're tackling a project with a lot of screws, such as new cabinet doors in your kitchen, you'll need one or more of our power screwdrivers. Sears has all the power tools you need.


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