Planers are key for woodworkers and carpenters and Sears has a variety of them. Though bench-top and stationary models are great tools for your workspace, most woodworkers also want to grab a handheld planer to complete their tool collection. Handheld planers are perfect for large pieces you don't want to try to wrestle onto a workbench. Shave a fraction of an inch off a wooden door or get refinishing prep work done quickly without hours of sanding. Sears offers you several brands to choose from as well, including DeWalt and Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. While you're shopping for a planer today, remember to look at thickness planers and put your favorite in your shopping cart.

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      Find the right handheld, bench top and stationary planers for your workshop

      A planer is an essential tool for woodworkers. Sears knows that our different customers are working on a variety of projects and their needs, wants and budgets vary. So we carry a number of planers from such manufacturers as General International, Jet and our own Craftsman brand. Check out our selection and then purchase a hand-held planer to accompany your bench-top or stationary version.

      The handheld model is the power tool to choose for either very small or very large jobs. For smaller jobs, a handheld planer can let you do quick, small work easily. A handheld can also be perfect for awkward-shaped large jobs that just need one last touch, such as a finishing a canoe or an unbalanced board in a table. Instead of ripping it apart or spending hours sanding it down, simply grab a handheld planer to get everything back to level.

      One option is the Craftsman Professional 7 amp Corded 3 1/4-inch Planer. It has a heavy-duty extended length trigger switch with lock-off. It has reversible, double-edged carbide-tipped steel blades. It also features an adjustable chip chute and rabbet guide. It runs up to 12,000 RPM, has a grooved front shoe. In addition to the planer, you get an edge guide, rabbet guide, two blades and a wrench. This model is not only a customer-preferred item, but it also has received great reviews from shoppers and woodworkers just like you.

      In addition to your handheld planer, try out a bench-top or stationary planer. If you also need a jointer, check out the Jet 8-inch Bench-Top Jointer/Planer. You get two tools in one, perfect for your small shop or if you don't have much space when on a job. Its sturdy, compact design packs a punch. It has features you normally would only find on big floor models. It offers precision adjustment knobs and a powerful 13-AMP motor, producing 18,000 cuts per minute. The high-speed steel knives are durable, providing smooth cuts. The knobs give you improved control. You can angle the aluminum extruded fence up to 45 degrees. For comfort, a dust port will keep your workspace clean, and the table locks, providing improved safety.

      DeWalt is a popular brand that customers know they can rely on. So check out its 13-inch Two-Speed Thickness Planer. It's packed with power, thanks to the 15 amp, 20,000 RPM motor that provides a 10,000 RPM cutter speed. So this planer can handle larger cuts in wider materials. The three-knife cutter-head gives you 30 percent longer knife life, which saves you money. You can change the knives quickly and easily, too. You can change the feed speed to optimize cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI, thanks to the two-speed gearbox. The 19.75-inch cast-aluminum base is more rigid than a standard 10-inch base or folding table; two times more rigid, to be exact. While you're shopping online with us at Sears, also look at the lathes and shapers we offer. Sears has all the weekend warrior supplies you need.


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