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      Slice through any material with shears and scissors

      Scissors are used in any function from cooking to metal working, they're a staple you must have. Whether you are just looking for a plain pair of shears to replace an old pair that has dulled or need a specialty option for electrical work, you can find what you need at Sears.

      We have a wide selection of standard scissors from which you can pick a number of blade lengths, colors and shapes. When it comes time to send your little ones off to school, they're going to need a pair of scissors to complement their school supplies. You can find a number of small safety scissors that will make all those art projects a snap. As they get older there are scissors in a number of fun colors and designs to match their interests and personality.

      Some projects will require specialized pairs of scissors. If you are working with electrical wire you'll want to get a pair of shears that are rated to cut through certain wire thicknesses. They're usually serrated to make the cutting job a bit easier. You can also get certain models that have slots to set the wire so you can strip it instead of cutting all the way through. You can also pick up adjustable tension scissors that let you personalize the cutting tension, giving you that extra power when you need it.

      When you need to cut tough materials for a project in your workshop, find a number of powered cutting tools to help you complete the task at hand. Sheet metal and other metal pieces require a stronger set of shears. There is a wide selection of both electric and air powered models to make clipping your way through sheet metal as easy as slicing through warm butter. These tools will take a beating, and should a piece break on you, you can find the right air tool replacement parts to get your cutters back in working order.

      Whether you need a pair of scissors to send with your little one as they head to school or a heavy duty set of powered cutters, you can find what you need. Sears has the cutting tools you need to handle any job from arts and crafts to metal working.


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