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Handle any job with various cordless power tools from Sears

From DIY projects to commercial jobs, you need various cordless power tools to saw through wood or to screw in bolts. Sears provides the largest inventory of cordless power tools from Craftsman and other popular name brand manufacturers. Unlike corded power tools, which require an external power outlet, cordless tools feature rechargeable batteries that provide hours of constant use. As an example, the Craftsman Bolt-On cordless drill uses a 20-volt Lithium-ion battery that holds a charge longer than traditional NiCad batteries. Just like corded models, cordless tools have variable speeds and additional attachments that increase their functionality.

With add-on tools like an impact attachment or a hammer drill attachment, you transform an ordinary cordless drill into a brand new tool. You don't need any specialized tools to attach the add-ons. Just snap the attachment into place, and carry on with your project. Use the 2-speed hammer drill attachment on your Craftsman Bolt-On cordless power tool, or use the impact attachment to install and remove bolts. When you invest in sander and oscillating attachments, you convert your cordless drill into three tools in one.

Whether you have to install new door trim or molding, brad nailers help you place multiple nails quickly and efficiently. Choose from popular name brand models such as DeWalt and Hitachi, which feature both angled and straight brad nailers. With either model, you have a tool that releases up to five nails per second. If you want a professional look to your carpentry, then use a brad nailer to force finish nails into place without damaging the surrounding wood. Use an angled nailer if you have to set your nails at unusual angles or to reach tight spots.

Combine your cordless drills and add-on tools with cordless staplers from Arrow Fastener, and stock up on Craftsman stapler packs for your woodworking projects. Cordless staplers provide the same power as corded models, but you don't have to work around a long cord or stay plugged into an electrical outlet. Cordless staplers work well for installing carpet or tacking black paper to the exterior of your home before installing vinyl siding. Depending on your preference, cordless staplers come in varying sizes to accommodate the power and the staplers you need for the job.

Various cordless power tools come in handy for almost any home DIY project or professional carpentry job. Use add-on tools to improve your cordless tool's functionality, and extend your tool collection with brad nailers and cordless staplers. Check out Sears online for the biggest selection of the most popular name brand tools and accessories for all of your commercial and weekend projects.

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