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      Finish your woodworking project with cordless brad nailers

      Unlike a traditional hammer and nails, using cordless brad nailers makes it easy to install finishing nails in your woodworking projects. Sears carries a lineup of name brand brad nailers from DeWalt and Senco in both straight and angled styles. For most projects, a straight brad nailer provides the power you need to force 2 1/2-inch finishing nails into wood. An angled nailer like the Senco cordless Fusion features an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery and a nose-mounted LED light to illuminate your work surface. Angled nailers work best for placing nails at odd angles and in tight spots while working.

      For both DIY projects and commercial jobs, consider investing in various cordless power tools to improve your work efficiency. Use a Craftsman Bolt-On drill with sander and impact driver attachments to transform your drill into three tools for drilling nail holes, removing bolts and installing screws. You also have access to combination kits that contain cordless circular saws, reciprocating saws and drills to fill your tool chest. Whether you work in carpentry or like to fix things around the house, cordless power tools provide a long-lasting battery life that completes the job in a single charge.

      Combine your brad nailers with cordless power hammers for almost any light or heavy-duty project. Use the Craftsman Hammerhead automatic hammer, which features three angles for driving nails into wood. You can also set it to zero degrees and drive nails directly into the ceiling above you. Like other various cordless power tools, a cordless power hammer features a Lithium-ion battery that outperforms NiCad batteries. Some power hammers include LED lights and magnetic sleeves that hold your nails in place as you work.

      After using the brad nailer to drive your finish nails into place, use cordless sanders to refine the wood's surface and to prep it for stain or paint. Unlike corded sanders, you don't need an electrical outlet to use the cordless device. You never have to work around the cord, and it features a Lithium-ion battery that holds a charge long enough to finish the job. You have the choice between random orbital, belt and sheet pad sanders depending on your woodworking project. You can even use the Porter-Cable 18-volt cordless detail sander for finishing smaller surfaces.

      Cordless brad nailers give you the power you need to drive finish nails into cabinetry or to install chair rail onto the wall. Some cordless power hammers feature angled heads for driving nails at awkward angles, and cordless sanders come in handy for smoothing the wood's surface. Shop Sears online for additional handheld power tools and accessories for your next project.


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