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      Get more done with a cordless drill

      The cordless drill works as a multifunctional tool on the jobsite. Since it uses a rechargeable battery, you never have to remain plugged into an electrical outlet. While it improves your mobility, the cordless drill also enhances your metalworking and woodworking projects. Sears provides hundreds of cordless drills that accommodate various bits for drilling holes or tightening bolts and screws. Use the Craftsman C3 heavy-duty cordless drill that features a long-lasting 19.2-volt battery, a built-in LED light and a bubble level. From Craftsman to DeWalt, we have the right selection of cordless power drills for your professional and DIY needs.

      With a new cordless power drill, use it to install home hardware such as vents and outdoor signs. We have nails and screws of various sizes for installing cabinet and closet hardware. Mount a new coat rack with Safco garment hooks and use your cordless drill to secure window well covers into place. You also have access to adhesives and glazing sealants for repairing household items. Whether you need household repair kits or door and window hardware, you have access to hundreds of items for your restoration or remodeling projects.

      Cordless power screwdrivers come in handy for both professional and at-home DIY jobs. Although you can use screwdriver bits in a cordless drill, the power screwdriver's main purpose involves tightening and loosening screws in wood, plastic and metal. A Craftsman 4-volt Lithium-ion screwdriver holds a charge longer when compared to a NiCad-powered screwdriver. Some power screwdrivers come with bit sets, so you have what you need right out of the box to start the job. Consider the Black & Decker 3-position screwdriver for awkward or hard-to-reach places.

      Regardless of whether you do woodworking at home or in the workshop, cordless routers help you to refine wood edges for a more professional look. Use a fixed power router for more control during the cut and opt for a plunge router for punching holes and creating inlays in your wood. Combined with a cordless rotary tool, the router helps you create panels in your wood while the rotary tool drills holes and carves patterns. You can use some routers to cut through glass, such as the CR Laurence portable glass router that also comes with a pressure tank and other accessories.

      When looking for portable tools for your home or workshop, consider a cordless drill as one of the first tools you choose. It accommodates various bits for hanging and installing home hardware, and it works well in conjunction with a power screwdriver. Shop Sears online and at the store for the largest selection of professional name brand power tools and accessories for your next project.


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