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      Cordless reciprocating saws make cuts in hard-to-reach places

      Circular saws work great for making level cuts on flat surfaces, but cordless reciprocating saws cut wood, plastic and metal in hard-to-reach places. Sears carries a full selection of name brand reciprocating saws that use various saw blades for cutting different materials. With a cordless saw, you have a powerful cutting tool that doesn't require a cord or an electrical outlet. Whereas a corded saw keeps you working in a stationary area, the Craftsman C3 cordless reciprocating saw has a 19.2-volt rechargeable battery that provides plenty of power and improves your mobility.

      Combining reciprocating saws with cordless circular saws gives you a powerful toolset for cutting planks of plywood and strips of lumber. Like a reciprocating saw, a circular saw accepts a variety of sawtooth blades for cutting through wood and thick plastic. You control the blade speed from the handle's trigger switch, and the lightweight design makes it easy to hold and operate. For more precision, the Craftsman C3 circular saw features an on-board laser that provides a straight line to follow during your cut. You can also adjust the main shoe to cut wood at an angle.

      As a professional carpenter or a DIY woodworker, you benefit from having Craftsman and DeWalt cordless jigsaws in your work area. Like a circular saw, a jigsaw makes a straight cut in the wood; however, it works best for making fine cuts or creating patterns and designs. The Craftsman C3 cordless jigsaw features Laser Trac, which guides you along and keeps your cut straight and precise. Jigsaws come in both vertical and horizontal models, and you can install blades of various sizes depending on the type of cut you need.

      Complete your cordless setup with Craftsman and Porter-Cable cordless oscillating multi-tools. With a multi-tool, you can polish miter or smooth surfaces. Because it doesn't require a cord, it gives you the same freedom of movement as cordless circular saws and jigsaws. The Craftsman Nextec multi-tool features a 12-volt Lithium-ion battery that recharges in just 30 minutes to get you back on the job with minimal downtime. Most cordless multi-tools feature soft rubber grips for ergonomic comfort, and the lightweight design doesn't weight you down as you work. Look for a multi-tool that includes a built-in dust collection system to minimize the dust in your workspace.

      From hobbyist woodworking projects to professional construction jobs, cordless reciprocating saws and circular saws come in handy for cutting through wood, metal and plastic. Make fine cuts and create intricate patterns with a cordless jigsaw. Come to Sears or shop our site for the biggest name brand selection of professional power tools and accessories for your projects.


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