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For any fastening jobs your project requires, Sears offers manual rivet tools to add to your tool box. Made of solid steel, our rivet tools will get the job done on everything from canvas and aluminum to marine-grade metals. Our squeezers come with convenient ejector springs and work with a variety of rivet sizes, from 3/32" to 3/16". We also carry a wide assortment of stainless steel and aluminum rivets. They come in long, medium and short sizes, with flanges and without. Pick up all the essential riveters and rivets you need at Sears.

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Get the rivets and riveters you need to lock in your project

When it comes to fasteners, rivets are the gold standard. The seal that's created by a rivet can be counted on to last for a long time. Whether you?re working with softer materials, like canvas and leather or stronger sheets of metal and steel, rivets can handle them all. If rivets are strong enough to hold together tanks and planes, you can trust they'll be able to handle whatever you can throw at them.

There are a number of hand riveters out there in the market, and Sears has the right selection for any job you face. A standard hand riveter will be able to handle most projects. With interchangeable slots, similar to the nozzle on your spray gun, you can adjust your riveter to fit the size you need. You can also find larger, heavy duty riveters for larger projects. These tools allow you to apply even more torque, ensuring that your bigger projects are locked in place.

When working on jobs that require rivet after rivet, a hand riveter can become tiresome. This is where a pneumatic riveter would be a life-saver. Pneumatic riveters, which connect to your air hose give you extra power to aid the riveting process. This can save you from sore hands and lost time. Some models will include attachments that catch any debris, keeping your workspace clean and safe. Although they're pricier, pneumatic riveters offer you more power and reduced user fatigue for an experience that can't be matched.

We have a wide selection of rivets in materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel. Aluminum rivets are the most popular for standard DIY jobs. They're soft enough to be used with just a hand riveter, but still give a strong hold. Plastic rivets are ideal for auto body repairs. They're perfect for remounting license plate holders or fixing small bumper issues. Steel rivets require the most power to fix in place, but also offer the strongest hold. Since steel is not a malleable metal, once a steel rivet is in place, you can be sure it isn't going anywhere.

Whether you're working on a small art project or fixing up a car, Sears has the riveters and rivets you need. With handheld and air-powered options, you can get the power you need and the fastening strength you desire.


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