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      Shape, sand and polish work to perfection with rotary tools

      Sanding the nooks and crannies of a small piece can be difficult. Rotary tools give you the accuracy and power to cut and polish these difficult areas. These palm-size tools are easy to use when you only want to touch up certain spots. Once a bench sander has done all the hard work, the sanding drum of a rotary tool will take care of small problem areas in a snap.

      Rotary tool kits give you the perfect combination of attachments for detailing. The cutting wheel will remove just enough material to give you that perfect rounded edge. Polishing wheels will give those tough to reach spots an amazing shine. Grinding stones can smooth out small bits of masonry and help fit tiles into tight spots. Having three tools in one will help you get the most out of your investment. Sears has rotary tool kits that vary in size from five to 100 accessories.

      Cordless rotary cutting tools are unencumbered by a power cord so that they can go wherever you need them. Sears has a vast selection of replacement batteries to keep the tool running. With a comprehensive rotary tool kit on hand, no job will be too small to go unfinished. Shop for them today and cut, sand and polish your work to perfection.


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