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      Detail your work with cordless rotary tools from Sears

      Cordless rotary tools give you precise control over your wood's surface as you work. Sears provides hundreds of name brand rotary tools from Craftsman and Dremel for refining wooden edges or creating patterns in the wood. Rotary tools do more than cut detail in wood; they also cut metal and remove rust depending on the type of bits that you place in the tools. A rotary tool has a slim design that makes it easy to hold and operate, and the speed and power controls sit within reach of your thumb.

      While rotary tools come in handy for woodworking projects, you also need cordless jigsaws for cutting precise lines on your wood. The Craftsman C3 cordless jigsaw features Laser Trac, which guides you along on the perfect line as you cut. Cordless jigsaws include rechargeable batteries that prove long lasting during the toughest jobs. Since the cordless jigsaw runs on battery power, you don't have to worry about plugging the cord into an electrical outlet and getting in your way as you work. If you have the Bolt-On series from Craftsman, then transform your cordless drill into a jigsaw with a simple attachment.

      Another tool you should have in your workshop includes cordless oscillating multi-tools from Porter-Cable and Ridgid. Since you can attach different blades to the multi-tool, use it to cut tile or polish stone. You can even use the Rockwell oscillating multi-tool to scrape away paint or to sand wood flooring. Whether you need a grinder, a buffer or a sander, you can replace three or more tools with just one oscillating multi-tool. It features a slim design that fits easily in your hand, and its rechargeable battery provides enough power to last through multiple jobs.

      While the oscillating multi-tool replaces many of the tools you need on hand, it might have trouble in hard-to-reach places. Cordless reciprocating saws feature long frames that give you maximum control with two hands, and the long blade reaches far into crevices to cut everything from metal piping to wood studs. You can adjust the blade length to accommodate the cut, and the reciprocating saw features variable speed settings for precision cutting. As with other cordless power tools, the Bosch cordless saw includes a heavy-duty Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that outperforms similar batteries in its class.

      As a professional carpenter or a do-it-yourself hobbyist, you need powerful cordless rotary tools to take your projects to the next level. Make intricate cuts with a cordless jigsaw, and use the oscillating multi-tool to polish tile or to cut metal. With a cordless reciprocating saw, you can reach into crevices to cut plastic pipes and metal beams. Shop Sears online for the best selection of name brand cordless power tools and accessories for all of your portable needs.


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