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      Woodworkers love cordless routers because there's no cord to get in the way during complex cuts. A Craftsman cordless router allows you to make plunge cuts for crafting or furniture-making. When you change the head, the router can put a beveled edge on a table top. Most cordless routers come with adjustable-depth routers and a mix of heads for different purposes. Cordless power tool combos are a dynamic choice when you need several tools. Kits are available from Craftsman, DeWalt and other preferred brands. Browse our incredible selection for the best combination of tools for your next project.

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      Cordless routers cut and refine your woodworking projects

      If you know anything about woodworking tools, then you know that cordless routers come in handy for trimming refined edges on wood. Sears provides a complete selection of powerful cordless routers from Bosch and CRL. Unlike corded routers, the cordless models guide freely along the wood's surface without a cord getting in the way. Cordless routers also do more than make cuts along wooden edges; they also cut holes and create intricate patterns in the wood. When you want to refine your woodworking project, you can find cordless routers and a variety of specialized bits at Sears.

      Additional tools you need to invest in for your woodworking projects include cordless oscillating multi-tools from Craftsman and Worx. You even have access to Bosch oscillating multi-tools, which include plunge cut blades and carrying cases. The Craftsman 17438 Nextec includes a built-in dust collection system that keeps your area clean as you work. Since a multi-tool spins at up to 20,000 RPM, it cuts, sands and polishes everything from wood to metal.

      When you need to cut wood, metal or plastic in hard-to-reach places, you require cordless reciprocating saws from Craftsman and DeWalt. Whether you have a pipe to cut beneath the sink or a wood plank under the deck, a reciprocating saw uses an automatic cutting motion to slice through almost any material. Since it doesn't require a cord, you can move freely as you work, and the powerful rechargeable battery lasts for hours on a single charge. For a lightweight and durable option to a corded saw, consider the Craftsman 17600. Its slim design and ergonomic rubber handle makes it easy to use and operate without wearing you down.

      Combine the power of your cordless router with the versatility of cordless rotary tools. Choose from Craftsman and Dremel rotary tools that include bits and blades of various sizes. Along with woodworking, you can use a rotary tool to cut copper tubing and to polish silver. It drills small holes where you need them, and it acts as a miniature sander when you use a drum sander bit. You can even use your rotary tool to cut off stripped metal screw heads close to the wood or metal's surface.

      Professional carpentry and DIY woodworking projects require professional equipment such as cordless routers and rotary tools to complete the job. Use cordless oscillating multi-tools to polish tile or to cut through wood. Use cordless reciprocating saws to cut pipes and wood in hard-to-reach places. Visit Sears online or come to the store for an affordable inventory of professional cordless power tools and name brand supplies for your home and workplace.


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