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      Keep all your devices powered with batteries

      There are countless devices today powered by batteries, and that number only continues to grow. Having a well-stocked drawer of various types of batteries will keep you from running out of power at an inopportune time. Sears has standard batteries, cell and cordless phone batteries as well as laptop batteries for a wide range of brands and models. If you need a new battery for your power tools, you can find those as well.

      Whether you need a couple of AA batteries to keep Wii remote going or D batteries to power a flashlight, you can find them at Sears from a number of reliable brands. Today, many game systems come with wireless, battery powered controllers. After hours upon hours of play, they'll run out of juice. You can purchase bulk packs of AA batteries, saving you money and multiple trips to the store. Same goes for battery powered soldering irons. A significant amount of power is required to heat the soldering tip, which can use up batteries quickly. For a greener way of powering your devices, consider rechargeable batteries. This way you can have a set in your device and a pair charging so you just need a quick change to get right back to everything you want to do.

      Working from home or working remotely with a laptop computer is a growing trend. If you want to be able to continue working no matter where you are, you'll probably want an extra replacement laptop battery. More than likely you'll run down your laptop or netbook's battery so it no longer holds a charge before you need to replace the computer. Sears has a wide variety of laptop batteries covering almost all brands and models.

      Certain devices, like cordless and cellular phones, digital cameras and power tools require specialized batteries. Like your laptop, these rechargeable batteries eventually wear out over many charging cycles. In order to get the most life out of batteries in drills and other electronics, remove the battery after each use. When you leave a rechargeable battery in appliances and electronics, a small amount of charge will run down even when you're not using the device.

      No matter what device you have, you can find the battery you need. Come by Sears to make sure you're never without power.


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