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Battery testers and diagnostics remove the guesswork

When a battery operated device stops running one of the first things to check is the power source. Without proper testing and diagnostic equipment, you won?t be able to decipher the true root of the problem. Sears has a number of products that are available to help you figure out where the issue lies.

One of the first options you should consider when purchasing your testing gear is whether you prefer an analog or digital display. Using an analog device requires you to read a needle as it moves based on the voltage or charge its receiving. These machines require less upkeep than their digital counterparts. Digital equipment can sometimes require batteries in order to run the display. However, digital displays are highly accurate, compared to analog meters that retain an element of human error, making them a reliable addition to your tool kit of electrician accessories. Analog meters retain some chance of human error. The lit display also makes digital battery testers easier to read in low light conditions.

Next, you'll want to consider size and portability. There are a number of battery diagnostic tools that are easily carried, or even able to slide into your pocket. A product like this would be great if you plan on working close to the power source you're going to be testing. Small units are great for testing cordless tool batteries, like those for your planer. What they do lack is testing lead length. Larger models, although less maneuverable, offer longer leads which are great for testing batteries on large vehicles.

There are battery testers ideal for any situation or power source you want to examine. Handheld units are great for the home, especially with their easy to read LED displays. They take up less space and reduce any guesswork. Larger units are sturdy and can handle the daily grind of an auto shop for testing car batteries. With built in printers, you can call up the latest test score and print it off, all powered by the battery to which it is connected.

These battery testing and diagnostic tools will put you on the right track to fixing your battery issue. Come by Sears and pick up the gear you need to get your batteries back on track.


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