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Keep the current flowing with electrical wire

Electrical wire comes in a wide variety of metals, specific uses and capacities for carrying charge. Sears has a comprehensive selection of wire types and components. With the parts to help you fix anything from a broken speaker system to wiring a house for a thermostat, you can find what you need. You'll also find extra non-wire components, such as lugs, couplers and other conduits to help complete your home electrical wiring projects.

Not all wire is created equal. For each electrical problem, there is a particular wire that has to be used. In order to determine that it is the wire that is causing the problem, make sure to test your circuit with a multi-meter. A number of factors can affect what wire should be used for a project. Some types of wiring are only rated to handle a certain amount of amps. When it comes to wiring for housing, there are standards set for both amps and temperature. There is also specific wiring for household systems like thermostat controls, alarm systems, intercoms and door bells.

Once you have your wiring, you're going to need to pick up a few other components to help you finish the task. A small, but crucial piece is the coupling. Couplings aid in the transfer of energy from one medium such as copper to another. Lugs are metallic pieces that are crimped shut around wire. They send the current through their circular tabs and into the attached wire. These are often used when it comes to wiring outlets.

Be sure you also keep your electrical supplies well-organized so you can always find the essential parts and pieces for any task. Cable ties are quick to assemble and are great for keeping similar wires or cables bundled together. Bundling your wires and cables frees up space and helps you identify wires faster when you are working on a job that requires multiple cable types. You also may need to pick up new wire wraps. These will help you repair the sheathing around wiring that can wear down from damage by heat, the elements or even animals and insects.

All of these electrical wiring components will help you get your circuits running at full capacity. Stop by Sears to keep the current flowing and keep the sparks from flying.


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