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      Make accurate and safe cuts with electrician cutting tools

      If youre wiring a home or running cable line, youre making cuts all day. Having sharp, insulated electrician cutting tools is essential to your safety and success. Knipex makes all the tools you need to cut and strip wire and cable. Each one features an insulated handle, so if you make the mistake of cutting a live wire, youll be protected from shock. Knipex 1,000V insulated wire strippers are ideal for residential and commercial use. Cable cutters also protect to 1,000 volts and use ratcheting action to cut thick cable. Dismantling knives and cable shears in a variety of sizes make quick work when removing old cable. Diagonal cutters give cables and wires a clean end cut every time.

      If youre working on pipe instead of wire, weve got a range of pipe cutters for the work you do. An affordable Empire Mini tubing cutter will work on water line made from PVC, flexible hose and copper. Contractors may want full-size pipe cutters from Ivy Classic or Superior Tool for cutting all copper and steel pipe up to 2 in. in diameter. The Craftsman Ratcheting cutter is a good choice where hand space is tight. The tool doesnt need to be fully rotated to make the cut.

      Pressure tanks have an average lifespan of 10-15 years before the bladder or diaphragm fails and the tank needs to be replaced. We carry standard tanks and pre-charged pressure tanks. A standard tank is the older style, and it works in conjunction with a separate air-volume controller that supplies pressure to the tank. Pre-charged pressure tanks are popular because they are self-contained units without the need of a separate controller. We carry both types of tanks in a variety of water capacities to meet the demands of your water system.

      When your sump pump fails, we can help you get a new one installed quickly. Our excellent selection of sump pumps from Craftsman, Simer and other top brands includes the type and capacity you need. Standard sump pumps are outfitted with motors ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 horsepower to match the capacity of the sump. Stainless steel models cost more, but they offer enhanced durability. If water from a softener empties into the sump, then a stainless steel model will handle the salt much better.

      These are just a few of the home improvement products available at Sears. Our selection is unbeatable for all the tools and equipment on your list. Place your order today, and well promptly ship it to you or have it ready for you at your local Sears.


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