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Extension Cords

Extension cords are a necessity for your home or workshop. When outlets are out of reach, a power cord fixes the problem. With models that feature multiple outlets and ones suited for outdoor use or powering indoor appliances, there are options for any situation. Outdoor models are made of heavy duty materials to help them take the abuse of the elements. Extension cords also come in high visibility colors helping reduce tripping risks. Range and dryer cords are specifically designed to reach outlets for your big appliances. Stop by Sears to find any power cord you might need to get the job done.

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Power tools and appliances in any situation with an extension cord

When you have the ability to extend the reach of all your electrically powered devices, it makes using them much less of a hassle. Whether you need to run your leaf blower or your Christmas lights, heavy duty power cords will take care of it with ease. For your home or a student's dorm room, an extension cord with multiple outlets gives you both reach and versatility for powering many systems within the same area.

Taking an electrically powered device outside is always a bit of a struggle, but finding the right extension cord can make it a breeze. If you need to bring your buffer out to your car, a heavy duty power cord will give you the reach you need. These cords are wrapped in water- and fire-resistant materials so they're durable enough to take whatever you or the elements can put them through.

When it comes to in-home use, you'll want to consider multi-outlet extension cords. The extra outlets are great for powering your television, DVD player and gaming system all with one cord. These are especially advantageous for dorm rooms where outlets are hard to find or inconveniently located. They're also great for older homes and apartments where wall outlets are often at a premium. Some multi-outlet cords come with built-in surge protection, ensuring that your equipment is safe from dangerous spikes in electricity.

For specific appliances, you'll want to pick up extension cords meant to meet the unique needs and placement of larger machines. There are cords that are designed to extend the reach of your range and dryer. These appliances require specific types of connections that you can find on these cords. There are also models for your garbage disposal, iron and even your coffeemaker. These cords make arranging your spaces convenient when you find that the outlet for your washer or dryer are in an odd place. You can plan your kitchen, utility room or the rest of your house around the way you want it to look, rather than planning around outlets with these cords.

Store your extension cords on a cord reel helps keep them out of the way and tangle free, leaving them ready to go whenever you need them. Sears has the extension cords you need to get power anywhere in your home or backyard.


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