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      Multimeters help you get to the root of the problem

      When an electrical problem arises, there are a number of possible causes. It could be a faulty switch, fuse or wire, but without testing equipment you have no way of knowing what parts need to be repaired or replaced. Having a multimeter on hand lets you test voltage, current and resistance. Once you collect this data, you'll be able to find out the real issue you're facing and address it without wasting spare parts, time or effort.

      With the ability to check DC current, you can test the batteries in your smaller electronics. The battery is often the first thing to go when electronics stop working. Your multimeter will be able to tell you if the battery is the issue or something more serious. You can plan out repairs more easily when you're not guessing about where problems in your electronics are originating from.

      Most multimeters in today's market are digital. Digital meters offer a higher level of accuracy in their measurements, which is important when it comes to measuring output from your outlets. Although analog meters continue to be made, they don't have the ability to test as many functions. Sears offers testing tools that have backlit LED screens, making them easier to read in low light situations than analog devices. Be sure to consider the price when you're shopping for the right multimeter. For the work that you need to do, you may not need a high end testing tool. An analog option might be able to handle simple testing needs just as well.

      Standard electricity testing tools usually involve two probes, one positive and one negative, that are touched to the unit that needs to be tested. Another popular diagnostic tool is the clamp meter. Clamp meters work by clamping an electrical wire between the arms of the device and measuring the output that way. They're great for doing final electrical tests during set up, and for finding trouble spots when you're repairing circuits. They're important tools to add to any electrician's arsenal.

      Getting the right meter for the job is the first step to figuring out the problem. Sears has a variety of multimeters that can get you the information you need. Make sure your testing tools can measure the data you're looking to obtain.


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