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Create strong bonds with soldering tools and accessories

Whether you're a DIY electrician or repairing a circuit board, you're going to need a soldering iron. They give you precise heat application for sensitive metalwork. With options from heavy duty soldering guns to smaller battery-powered irons, you can find the right fit for your job. You should have the right tool on hand for each soldering task that comes up. You can find the right option based on the heat needed, sensitivity of the project and the project's scale.

Soldering guns give you the most power and heat. Unlike welders, soldering irons do not melt two metals together. Instead they use solder, a metal alloy with a lower melting point, to join two pieces together. A trigger mechanism powers these solder guns. When the trigger is pulled, it heats the solder tip very quickly, but once released it cools in seconds. This is the ideal tool when you are working on a project that requires intermittent soldering. Their high heat makes them the perfect for larger electrical work and even some lighter sheet metal projects. Sears has options that have dual heat triggers so you can choose between two heat settings for varied projects.

You'll want to use a soldering iron for smaller projects that require more precision and less heat. Unlike soldering guns, the irons are continuously heated. They can be electrically powered or battery operated for greater portability. Since the element is constantly hot, you'll need to have a holder nearby to safely stow your iron as you move from project to project. Their lower heat makes them ideal for fixing wires or a faulty electrical connection in the switches in your home.

The repeated heating and cooling of your soldering tool can wear down the heating element over time. Sears offers both iron- and nickel-plated replacement tips for soldering guns and irons. Having a few on hand ensures that you can make a quick change and keep on working if your heating element isn't performing at its top condition. If you're just starting to try your hand at soldering you might want to invest in a soldering kit. It's a great addition anyone's bag of electrician accessories.These kits come with an iron, as well as an array of tips so you can take on any job with ease.

From metal projects large to small, soldering tools can get the job done. Come by Sears to get the soldering tools and accessories you need to add to your toolbox.

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