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      Garage Shelving Keeps Your Tools Organized

      One look inside an unorganized garage that is filled to the brim with piles of "stuff" is enough to bring quick understanding about why garage organization and shelving is important. Shelving and other organizational furniture turns a mess into order. While some enjoy having their organized chaos, most people like to be able to find items they want in the garage without taking hours to do so.

      Open shelving units are the most popular for garage organization. It seems there are many tools and other items that are best found if they can be put in plain sight. Open shelving systems are available in many sizes, small to tall, wide to thin and as corner units. Everything can have its place on shelves that are made from strong steel construction. Weight of objects is not usually a problem with steel shelving.

      Closed cabinets with doors are another option for smaller items. This type of cabinetry is a step up from open shelving that could look cluttered. Some of the cabinet doors also have short depth shelving on the inside of the doors. This is ideal for smaller parts that might get lost on a deeper shelf.

      Make use of wasted corner space by installing strong corner style shelving units from Craftsman. These take advantage of an area of the garage that might otherwise not be used for storage. Again, with open shelving units, everything placed on the shelves is still in plain sight, but can look organized. The center of the garage area can be kept open and free to use for parking vehicles.

      There are a few accessories that are helpful when organizing the garage. A portable shelf unit or Gladiator Clean-Up Caddy can be used for items that are frequently needed. Open wire racks are useful for smaller items. Many wall systems for storage hold small shelves and bins for parts or tools. Large bin cabinets have dozens of bins for separating and containing small parts.

      An unorganized garage is basically non-functional. Most garages are quite large, and wasting all that space is avoidable if garage shelving units are in place to hold everything neatly up and away. Make the most of garage space; use multiple shelving units by Craftsman, Edsal, Gorilla and Gladiator for garage organization. Find these products and more in the Sears Tools, Garage Organization and Shelving catalog today. Have these large and heavy units shipped direct to your location.


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