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      An organized car needs structured garage shelving

      If you are fighting against car clutter, garage shelving might just be the answer you are looking for. Whether you choose to invest in storage separates or open shelving products, the garage storage solution you pick can counteract the need to store items in your vehicle for easy access. If you keep shop tools in the trunk of your car because you are worried about losing them in the garage, buy a chest of drawers that is big enough to hold them. With a dedicated spot for your shop tools in the garage, your car trunk no longer has to double as a storage location.

      The same is true for the books you intend to donate to the library, the potting soil you bought or the winter coats you do not want to keep in your bedroom closet. Floor cabinets and wall storage are two types of garage shelving that offer plenty of space for just these types of items. Label the doors of the shelving units to remind you where you store your winter clothes and potting soil. Then get all these extra items out of the car into the appropriate storage spaces.

      A strong overhead shelf is also a good idea for the items that spill over from the home into the garage. If you are a bulk buyer when it comes to canned goods and cleaning supplies, these types of storage shelves can hold the frequently bigger bottles and containers. While the containers can take up too much space in your kitchen, they are just the right size for a properly mounted overhead shelf. Due to the location of these shelves, they are out of the way and do not take up valuable garage space that you need for working on the car or storing other items.

      Since these types of storage solutions do not tackle some of the miscellaneous items you still want to keep in the care, take a closer look at the wide variety of console organizers. Floor consoles are good option if you intend to keep sensitive documents or valuable electronics in your vehicles. A lock secures this kind of console whenever you are not in the car. Dash consoles feature catch-all cups for loose change and golf tees. They also offer space for your beverage containers, eyeglass case and tissue box.

      When you transport ladders from your home to a job site, do so safely by first installing one of the many available ladder racks. Truck mounts that feature double bars or those with removable support arms turn your truck bed into a safe ladder transport system. If needed, you can use a hitch rack with a warning flag. It is interesting to note that this setup can also double as a transport tool for wood.

      Sears carries a wide variety of garage shelving, overhead shelf products, console organizers and ladder racks. Assess your storage and transport needs to pick the right combination of products. Buy and install your chosen shelves and racks today and get on top of your car clutter tonight.



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