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      Reduce clutter by using ceiling storage space

      Ceiling space is far too often overlooked and underused for storage space. You can store an amazing amount of equipment and tools when you add even a few of our ceiling storage and organization products. By reducing floor clutter, you gain more working space in the garage, basement or shed. Imagine how many items you could store up and out of the way if you had even some of our assortment of overhead storage products. You could use a motorized hydraulic hoist storage system to keep heavy items weighing up to 250 pounds up and off the floor. Use an overhead shelf to keep tools, bins or baskets organized and out of the reach of children who might play nearby. An overhead rack or set of hooks is a great place to store expensive sports equipment and bicycles. Some shelving units can be set above cabinets or used in the bathroom over the sink or toilet to give you extra storage room.

      Having a neat and roomy place to work in the garage, basement or shed can make a big difference in the amount of work you can accomplish. When you set up one of our garage storage sets, you are setting the stage for action. We have many garage storage sets that can help you create an attractive work area that is designed to be truly functional. Our matching work area cabinets, shelving units, work surfaces and stools set up in a manner that allows you to have everything you need close at hand. Organize cabinetry around a sturdy worktop placed above drawer cabinets that hold all the small parts and tools you might need to do a job efficiently. Use overhead storage to hold equipment or tools that you do not want scattered on the floor. Wall shelving units and storage hooks hold other more bulky items securely in place. We have beautiful collections of matching workroom desks, stools, cabinets and storage containers bundled and ready for delivery. These sets make it easy for you to enjoy working without the distraction of clutter and mess all around.

      Ladders come in many sizes and shapes, and we have a large selection of them for you, ready to deliver or be picked up. From the smallest step stool to the largest garage ladders, there are ladders equal to every job you need to do. If you are working on second story levels or roofing, you will want a tall extension ladder, but even within this category, you have many choices. We carry 20-foot aluminum extension ladders, folding ladders and shorter heavy duty ladders rated to hold 375 pounds. Flat raised platforms are good if you need just a little extra height and need a place to set pails of paint or roof coating while you are working. Our regular size step ladders also come in many varieties. Some have a paint pail shelf while others have steps on two sides, so two people can work at once. Indoor kitchen stools with a few steps are handy to have around the house as are short step ladders.

      Our storage and organizing products can increase the value of your building while bringing you more space to actually use for fun or work. We have these and more for you at Sears, and we deliver. Start with adding ceiling storage space and then tackle your workroom when you buy from Sears.


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