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      Protect your floor from spills and the elements with garage flooring

      With a layer of garage floor tiles between you and the garage floor, you'll create a safer work environment. Many of these floor tiles are rated to handle up to 250 pounds per square inch, so you won't have to worry about parking on it. Their anti-fatigue attributes are perfect for those who love to stand and work at their workbench for long periods of time. Find the best floor tiles for your garage at Sears.

      PVC garage floor tiles will make cleaning up oil spills, rock salt and any other debris a snap. The no-stick surface will let you clean up messes in a snap. Whether it's spilled lawnmower oil or melted snow, it can be wiped up in an instant. These tiles are also great for laundry rooms and any other room where spills are a regular possibility.

      Sears carries garage flooring from top brands. From Gladiator garage flooring to Craftsman, you'll find the garage tiles you need to stand up to the task. Along with their excellent performance, these tiles will add a vito your garage. Whether you need tiles to keep your laundry room floor clean or need soft tiles to take some of the strain off your feet, you can find the right fit for your home.


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