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      Get Organized with Garage Storage Separates

      Cabinets, work surfaces, stools, bins and parts organizers are just the beginning of your order when you start to get organized with our garage storage separates. Garage storage separates are the best way to keep track of your valuable tools and equipment and still have plenty of work space in the garage. Using parts organizing cabinets, bins or baskets to hold smaller equipment and tools is a good place to begin this job. Use stacked baskets and bin racks for the smallest of items, and save shelving and cabinetry for the bigger tools. Covered bins protect equipment that might be vulnerable to humidity, dust or pests. Small tools can be kept organized easily when you have a pocket pallet to keep them in; just roll it up and you are ready to go. Another good solution for smaller pieces like screws and nuts is to use a large drawer cabinet with clear plastic drawers. We even have special storage racks for tires or bicycles. Having a parts organizing system is far better than having everything mixed up, which can make it hard to locate what you need.

      A great way to store valuables like cordless power tools, hammers, pliers and screwdrivers is inside a garage wall storage cabinet with lockable doors. We have cabinets that are free-standing and those that mount on the wall. East-to-install cabinets can be fastened onto your garage wall using heavy-duty bolts. Made from tough steel construction, they give you security as well as organizational benefits. Wall storage is a natural when you think about it. Why waste all that space with nothing on it when you can cover walls with cabinets, shelving units and storage hooks that help you organize the garage and reduce floor clutter? At Sears, you will find many different wall storage solutions from which to choose. Use a pegboard system or magnetic board to hold tools individually and securely in place. You can put many different types of hooks into a pegboard to support individual tools, a small shelf, bin or baskets for smaller items. We have many simple and inexpensive ways to organize a lot of tools and other equipment.

      Another simple way to improve organization of your workroom, shed or garage is when you install garage tool shelving. These are shelving units designed specifically to hold tools. They have heavy-duty steel construction on free-standing shelving units, corner units, individual shelving or tool racks. Other options you can employ include carts, storage hooks, ceiling mounted storage shelving, lockers and bins. No matter which of our garage tool shelving units you decide will work best in your garage, rest assured that having your tools organized is the best way to preserve their value and keep them ready for use when you need them.

      We have a large selection of garage storage separates to help with tool organization. Mix and match to fill your walls and unused overhead storage space with sturdy shelving, cabinets, hooks and tool carts. When parts and tools are well organized, every job can be done better and faster. Sears will gladly deliver storage equipment to your location, or you can arrange for in-store pick up of your orders.


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