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      Get extra reach with the help of a step ladder

      Tall shelves and cabinets above your appliances are easy to reach with a step ladder. You can't always get the height you need with a simple stepping stool, but a ladder makes it possible to reach the items or spots you need to get to. Extension ladders are excellent for outside chores. With a telescopic ladder and tree pruner, you'll be able to remove dead branches further up the trunk. Height will no longer be an issue with one of these sturdy ladders.

      If you're low on storage space but still need the height advantages of an extension ladder, a telescopic ladder is the answer. As opposed to folding up or sliding down, these ladders have telescoping arms that release as many rungs as you need and don't take up as much space. They can be easily stored under a workbench and out of the way.

      Sears has a wide variety of ladders to fit anyone's need. Compact step ladders are perfect for the office or kitchen. Telescoping and extension ladders will let you reach higher areas for home upkeep and repairs. With a variety of ladders in your garage, nothing will ever be out of reach.


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