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      Hang your garage ladders from the ceiling

      Tall shelves and cabinets above your appliances call for the use of garage ladders. If you have an occasional need to reach higher than a stepping stool allows, a ladder makes it possible to reach the items you need. Some of the taller ladders are excellent for the yard as well. Trimming trees and untangling kites from the crowns of your fruit trees calls for a sturdy ladder that allows safe access to the even the highest branches. Since you are probably carrying a cutting tool with you at that time, the ladder must be so well-built that it will not move even if you shift positions.

      Telescoping ladders make storage simple because they collapse into a convenient size. Multi-fold ladders solve the size problem by folding at three or more points into a more manageable size for long-term storage. Other ladders neither collapse nor fold in half. Store them along a wall that can accommodate the six to 20 feet of these gadgets. Of course, the ultimate long-term storage solution in these cases calls for strong hooks that mount to the ceiling.

      An overhead shelf is a good starting point for small ladder storage. While it does not hold the average ladder, it will keep a step stool off the ground and out of your way. When solid wood is the material for these stools, it is not practical to hang them. Many of these stools have an opening in the center to allow your hand an easy grip. Unfortunately, this setup makes hanging the stool from the wall impractical. Leaving stools sitting alongside the wall of the garage quickly results in clutter getting stored on top. Using an overhead shelf for storage cuts down on the clutter attraction and keeps the stool off the ground.

      For ladders made from aluminum and also heavier materials, ceiling storage is the best option. Ceiling storage racks attach to the studs that run through the ceiling and securely hold quite a bit of weight. By storing your long ladders in this manner, you avoid encumbering the walls that could hold other types of storage solutions for your tools and other items. Since the ceiling is usually not a storage space location, there is plenty of space for keeping longer items. Your ladder is the beginning. Perhaps you also want to store your skis and surfboard in the manner.

      With the ladder securely mounted to the ceiling, add wall storage accessories for additional space that is a little bit easier to get to. Examples include hooks, pegboards and hanging wire baskets. Organize your smaller tools and supplies in this manner. For storage of overflow items from the kitchen cabinets, consider hanging shelves along the wall. An organizer rail makes the storage of bulky gardening tools quick and convenient.

      Sears carries a wide variety of garage ladders, overhead shelf products, ceiling storage hooks and wall storage accessories. Buy your storage solutions with the size of your ladder in mind. Add other storage options after you secure the ladder. Buy your storage solutions from Sears today and get your garage organized in a jiffy.


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