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      Magnetic Graphic Panels

      Why should you settle for a plain and boring work area when you can add magnetic graphic panels to dress it up and provide a functional location for tool and parts organizing? Add sports or company logos to the magnetic panels to make your garage or work room more attractive. These panels are ideal for organizing smaller tools and parts that can be easily stored on the magnetic graphic panels until they are needed for a job. We carry many types of parts organizing accessories, like wall cabinets, overhead storage shelving and hooks. You can free up important floor space and keep all the small parts visible when you store them in our clear front drawer cabinets or on open shelving units.

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      Add utility and creativity with magnetic graphic panels

      You can add utility to garage storage systems along with creativity when you add magnetic graphic panels to walls or cabinets. These are an excellent way to store metal parts and tools safely up off the floor and in sight when you need them. Add some magnetic or metal graphics to customize your look, such as team logos or other custom designs to dress up a work room and motivate teams. These are just one of many garage storage separates we have to offer. In addition to magnetic graphic panels, outfit the garage or work space with a work bench and adjustable stool, peg board storage with hooks, shelving units and cabinets to hold all your valuable tools and parts. A work space is more useful when you have everything organized and ready to use; we have many more useful garage storage separates in stock, ready for your order.

      Our wall storage accessories give you a number of good choices for keeping tools and equipment securely and safely stored off the floor and ready to use. Door cabinets give you shelving space and security when locked; open cabinets provide visible storage that still keeps valuables neatly stored away. Many shelving units and individual wall shelving can be placed over desks or other cabinetry to maximize wall space and storage capacity. Use hanging hooks on walls or ceilings for storing bulky items like a mower or bicycle. For small items that could easily get misplaced or lost, use a small item bins set or hang baskets on pegboard. For accessibility to tools you use frequently, our AlligatorBoard metal pegboard tool cart with wheels can do the job, giving you both portability and visibility of large or small tools. Make use of odd corners with a corner cabinet or tool rack, great for storing bulky items like shovels, brooms and rakes. We have many styles of brackets and hangers to use for storage in your workroom or garage. If you need storage bags or vacuum seal storage bags, we have those too and the kits to make it all work. Storage is a specialty at Sears; we can help with many useful products to help you organize and eliminate clutter.

      One of the first ways to provide easy garage organization is with garage tool shelving. Open shelving units are the easiest way to store tools and other small equipment that you need to use frequently. Everything can be stored neatly and ready to use when needed. You can see at a glance where your tools and accessory equipment is, and it makes your work go faster when you do not need to spend time looking for a particular wrench or hammer. We have many open shelving options to solve tough problems like how to make use of corner or ceiling space. Choose tall, small, thin or wide shelving or make use of one of our corner cabinets or individual shelving units. For heavy items, select our steel shelving products.

      One of the best things about Sears is that you can get delivery of your garage storage separates, magnetic graphic panels and other storage units to your home or business. This is great when you have ordered large, bulky or heavy items. If you prefer pick up service, you are welcome to come to any of our stores to get your order in person.


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