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Clear Garage Work Space with Parts Organizing Accessories

There is a simple answer to a garage clutter problem when you shop at Sears. We have many great parts organizing accessories you can add to your work area that keep tools and equipment stored neatly away, so you have more room to play or work. Use our wide selection of garage storage separates to store and protect your valuable tools and equipment safely off the floor. We also have mobile storage bins on wheels, such as the tall circular Akro-Mills mobile storage unit. Install a motorized storage system to lift items like a group of bicycles up to the ceiling and out of the way. Drawer storage units with clear fronts allow you to view contents at a glance. Stack-on compartment organizers hold smaller tools and parts in neat order, so you can quickly find what you need. Assemble the workspace that works best for your needs with garage storage separates like cabinets, work surfaces, racks and stools. A gear box or locking drawer cabinet will hold heavy tools and parts securely. Our large selection of bins, tubs and dollies are good for storing and moving groups of materials or parts.

Another group of must-haves for any garage or work center are workbenches. You probably can use more than just one if you have a lot of ongoing projects. Choose from big or little ones, wide or narrow tops and be sure to select a comfortable stool to go with your workbenches. Craftsman has many work surfaces, including an attractive butcher block wooden work top and heavy duty stainless steel work surfaces. Select your choice of a workbench frame and combine it with the surface that will make your work easier. Handy drawer storage is available on our Craftsman 5-Drawer Workbench Module, keeping your tools and accessories as close as possible when you need them. If space is an issue, consider adding a fold-down wall mount shelf workbench. If you are on the go, we stock portable workbenches and utility carts.

As a final touch to your remake of your work space, add garage tool shelving. Organization of tools and parts is the best way to care for valuable equipment and keep it stored where you can find it easily. There are many options here, including shelving you can affix to walls using brackets or track wall panels. Open shelving is a preferred choice because you can view everything at a glance. Corner shelving units make use of otherwise wasted space, and if space is still a problem, consider adding some ceiling shelving or motorized life shelving. Even adding some of our basic garage tool shelving units will help you with garage organization and expand the space you have available for storing tools and equipment.

Parts organizing accessories like shelving units and workbenches can help you find more work space in your garage or even the smallest work room. We have storage solutions for every storage problem. Come on in or order online for fast delivery to you. Pick up service is another option if you prefer to visit Sears in person.


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