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      Improve your work with clamping tables from Sears

      Keeping the piece steady you're working on can be a challenge when sanding, welding or routing. Those are just a few of the functions you'll perform more effectively when you select one of our clamping tables from Craftsman, Jawzilla or Rockwell. Stabilizing your workpiece in a powerful clamp frees up both hands for other important tasks. Some of the features you may want to look for as you browse clamping tables include tops that tilt up to 90 degrees, built-in tool trays to keep tools within easy reach and lightweight design that makes the table very portable. Some clamping tables fold up for storage.

      Once you have a hand truck, you'll find hundreds of uses for it. We have hand trucks from Milwaukee Tool, Magna Cart and all the other leading brands. Affordable hand trucks with capacity up to 600 lb. are ideal for use around the house. Commercial hand carts with much higher capacities are a good choice for the shop or job site. Most are built with tubular steel or aluminum frames for strength and durability. Trucks with two sets of wheels offer increased versatility. The hand truck can be laid flat to form a cart with all four wheels on the ground. A Wesco diamond-plate steel platform can help you move trucks up doorsteps. We also carry the straps and cords you need to secure objects to the hand trucks for safer transportation.

      Garages often have inadequate lighting that reduces safety and security. Garage work lights help you move safely through the garage and improve lighting where work is getting done. Overhead fluorescent light fixtures come in various sizes to fit your work bench. Hanging lights in LED, incandescent and fluorescent styles give you options for working under the hood. Most are corded, and some are equipped with retractable cords that makes them very easy to store. Cordless garage work lights come in kits with a battery and charger. Your brand options include Craftsman, National Electric and Gyros. The Craftsman 1000 watt Tripod light and portable stand illuminate large areas for painting or hanging drywall. Neiko Super Bright LED cordless lights have their own small stand for resting on a workbench or the floor.

      You've got appealing choices when shopping for workbenches at Sears. For woodworking and general use, a wood workbench makes an attractive addition to any garage or shop. Butcher block, maple and bamboo tops are produced by Gladiator and Ideal. If you prefer the durability of steel, Craftsman powder-coat workbenches are available in several handsome colors and convenient sizes.

      We have thousands of products to help you get work done. You'll find the right work surfaces and lighting when you browse our huge collection. Buy workplace equipment today from Sears, and we'll promptly ship your order or hold it at the store for pickup.


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