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      Organize your garage with wall storage and shelving

      A well-organized garage is a place where you can get work done efficiently because you can find all the tools and equipment you need. Our wall storage and shelving units are just the key to successful garage organization. Use cabinets and wall storage solutions like pegboard and magnetic graphic boards to hold your tools and smaller accessories like screws, nails and tapes. For some items, an overhead shelf attached to the wall or hanging from the ceiling can provide the best storage solution to keep items up and off the floor but still attainable. By putting some tools and accessories up and off the floor, it helps keep clutter to a minimum while you get more free space to work on projects.

      Once you have your garage wall storage solutions in place, you will have more room to store larger equipment like hand trucks or dollies. These make moving heavy objects much easier to lift and move around by hand. The wheels make most jobs easy for one person to do, and firm bases hold packages and loads securely. A two-way hand truck has the option of being set up in a horizontal position with a wider base to accommodate larger items like furniture or bulky equipment. For smaller packages, return it to the standard vertical position. Our movers' dolly can help you move objects weighing up to 1,000 pounds with an easy push. We have many different hand trucks, including three and four-wheeled carts, shelving carts and chair trucks. If you need help moving, put one of our sturdy wheeled hand trucks to work for you.

      There are many ways to accomplish neat storage of your garage tools and valuable equipment. If you want to keep the floor space clear of clutter, utilize wall storage space by installing storage hooks, wall cabinets, pegboard or magnetic graphic panels and shelving units. This will allow you to keep everything organized neatly and gives you more working space at floor level. With storage hooks, you can use otherwise wasted space across the ceiling to suspend shelving or equipment up and out of your way. Store holiday decorations, sports equipment, boxes and tools away but still readily accessible when needed. We have complete wall systems that include pegboard and an assortment of different sizes of hooks. Hang tools and equipment from these hooks or use them to support storage bins or baskets that hold smaller items like screws, staple guns or utility knives. Claw hooks are the right choice for sports equipment or bicycles that you want to suspend from ceiling rafters. Floor level organizational systems may contain multiple levels of baskets or bins for smaller items and accessories. These can also be suspended from walls with the use of storage hooks. Transform your cluttered garage into an organized work area by using an ample supply of storage hooks.

      Transforming your garage into a clutter-free workspace is fast and easy when you have a good wall storage system to organize your tools and equipment and keep them off the floor. We carry many good storage solutions including storage hooks, racks, cabinets and shelving units. Place your order online for fast delivery to your location or use our pick up service and begin to put your garage in order.


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