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Garage Organization & Shelving

Clear up clutter with new garage organization supplies from Sears

If you're tired of tiptoeing around stacks of boxes, gardening tools and sports equipment every time you head into the garage, consider installing new garage organization accessories to clean things up. Whether you use your garage as a dedicated workshop for household projects or just need to organize your lawn equipment, Sears has a wide selection of items to help. Choose from durable garage shelving and cabinets or workbenches and more so you can find a place for every item.

Save floorspace in a cramped garage with convenient ceiling storage, wall boxes and hook kits that can be hung nearly anywhere. Attach a pegboard above your workbench to easily see your tool collection at a glance before grabbing the necessary pieces for your next project. Garage flooring will prevent dings and scrapes from ruining the permanent surface beneath and can also provide extra cushioning while you stand for extended periods of time. When you do finally need to take a break, comfortable garage furniture, such as work stools, desks and tables, will provide some much-needed relief.

Shed light wherever it's needed with floodlights or individual lamp lights that feature metal cages for added durability and hooks for hanging on the hood of a car or a nearby workstand. If you're outfitting your garage from scratch consider a comprehensive garage storage collection or individual tool storage boxes. Turn your cluttered garage into a more functional space with new garage organization supplies from Sears.