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Hand Tools

Start your tool collection off right with quality hand tools from Sears 

Whether you're working on a heavy-duty project or a simple home improvement task, all jobs require the right hand tools. In some cases, the smallest tool is better than a power tool. Sears carries a wide variety of high-quality gear so you're always prepared. Round out any collection with everything from hammers and screwdrivers to pliers and hex keys. The latest designs are compact and feature an ergonomic construction, making them easy to operate in tight areas. 

If you're building a tool collection from scratch, small hand tools should be the first ones you start with. They're versatility makes them a must-have for any work environment. Start with basic screwdriver and wrench sets, so you always have the right sizes and varieties at a moment's notice. Having different hammers in your toolbox or workshop is always essential. Choose from standard curved claw options for woodworking projects or ball peen models when working with metal. 

Aside from the basics, there are other hand tools that come in handy for special projects. For instance, ratchets or tap and die sets are vital when tackling different automotive jobs. Carpentry work requires a wide assortment of small tools. Make sure you're equipped with hand saws, planers, chisels and more to complete various woodworking tasks. No matter what work lies ahead, Sears has a large selection of hand tools to get it done.