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      Getting a tight seal is imperative when it comes to all of your various construction or home improvement projects. Whether you're installing a new bathtub accessory or patching up your roof, you need the tools to fill in all the cracks, like caulk guns From your standard hand-operated gun to pneumatic caulking guns, you can choose the option that best fits your project when you shop at Sears. There is also a variety of finishing tools to help you smooth out the bead once you've applied it to the surface. With these accessories you'll have your plumbing or construction project sealed in no time.

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      Get a tight seal with caulk guns and caulk accessories

      The process of caulking involves using caulk to seal up gaps in all kinds of projects. It can provide a water tight barrier, aid in insulation and help control noise travel. In order to get the best application, there are a number of tools you'll need. Start with a good caulking gun; when working properly, caulk beads come out smooth during the initial application. Sears has a number of great caulking tools to help you achieve the best seal possible.

      One of the best caulk accessories to help you is a set of caulk finishing spatulas. These tools, unlike a scraper or putty knife, is specifically designed to reach corners or cracks. Certain sets contain a variety of lengths so you can comfortably reach the area that you applied your sealant. If you've ever just used your finger to finish your caulk line, you know what a mess it can be. These tools give you the professional finish without having to get your hands dirty.

      When it comes to caulk guns there are hand-, battery- or air-powered options. For most jobs, the hand-powered caulk guns will be sufficient. Large scale projects and frequent caulk users will want to invest in either a battery- or air-powered caulking gun. These options work faster than the hand-powered caulk gun and are less tiring to use. These power-operated caulking guns also help to reduce wasted amounts of caulk. If you are using a vast quantity of caulk, then get more for your money by reducing the amount wasted from dripping with better control the flow. Set the speed of flow to obtain better application. These powered guns also work much better if you're having to move between various types of caulk for one project.

      Caulking in certain areas requires a bit more protection and assistance. In these instances, all you need to do is apply a strip of painters tape and you're set. This method is necessary when sealing cracks in window treatments. Sealing areas like this does take a steadier hand but can save you a good bit of money by making your home more efficient.

      With a good caulk gun and some accessories, you'll be sealed up in no time. Stop by Sears and get the caulking gun and caulking accessories you need to get the job done.



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