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      Choose chisels for demolition or fine details

      We carry two types of chisels at Sears. Cold chisels from Craftsman and Mintcraft are used in demolition projects. They are sharp enough to cut metal and hard enough to break nuts and bolts when used with a sledge. We carry cold chisels in sets with tin punches and alignment tools for working with sheet metal. Carpenters use wood chisels to remove material when setting hinges on handmade doors or when notching wood for a perfect fit. These finer, lighter and sharper chisels are used in the woodworking shop to create wood carvings. They are made in a variety of sizes to shape the rough object and then add the fine, finishing details.

      Our selection of concrete tools covers all the bases. Finishing trowels from Marshalltown and Goldblatt come in several sizes for countertops, walkways or large slabs. Galvanized trowels are affordable, and stainless steel concrete tools offer greater durability. If you're polishing the concrete floor, diamond-grit pads from ADT and Toolocity are made in rough, medium and fine grits to create a fantastic shine. The Kawaii Wet Polisher package includes the corded polisher, dust-collection bag and the pads. It's designed for granite as well as concrete. Contractors will make good use of the MK Diamond Manta III core drill rig and wet-cutting bits for drilling holes in foundation walls or floors.

      We have the hammers you need from your favorite brands. Affordable claw hammers from Stanley and Task Tools are useful for minor repairs at home. Contractors will prefer professional claw hammers from Craftsman Pro, Proto and Estwing made in a variety of weights. If you've got to remove the old before installing the new, sledge hammers from Nupla Blacksmiths, Union Tools and Armstrong are available in weights up to 16 lbs for demolition. Metal workers will find a range of ballpeen hammers from Black Rhino and Gedore. If you've got finish carpentry on your list, a soft-face hammer with interchangeable plastic tips will help prevent damage to trim and doors. We also carry the complete line of Avdemand professional lineman's and setting hammers.

      Use tap and dies sets to thread pipes, strip bolts and add threads to existing openings in hardware, engines and appliances. Mechanics will use them to re-thread corroded holes. Plumbers will find them useful when fitting gas line. A complete set of tap and dies from Craftsman, Greenfield Tap or Westward will assure you've got the right standard or metric tools for every job.

      Sears has the tools to help with every home improvement project. You'll find what you want at prices you'll love. Place your order today, and your tools will soon show up ready for action.


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