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      Handle any job with high quality concrete tools

      Building your own concrete patio, walkway or other structure can be a daunting task, but at Sears, you can find all the tools you will need for this work. Contractors can charge high prices, so doing the work yourself will help you save money. The work is challenging, but a finished project brings a sense of accomplishment for those who like to do things themselves. Sears carries high quality concrete tools for every phase of concrete work. For example, the QEP 1/4 x 3/16 in. V-Notch Adhesive Floor Trowel has a cold-rolled steel blade for mortar and adhesive work. The durable 9 in. x 4 in. plastic handle provides for easy handling, and the V-notch size is 1/4 in. x 3/16 in. The QEP trowel meets ANSI standards for tile installations.

      The Czar Weld CWT-130 30-Inch Concrete Placer is one of the best in its class. High-tensile tempered aluminum provides sufficient strength to pull mesh with the blade. This durable concrete placer comes with a 60-in. x 1 3/8-in. handle. If you do masonry work, Sears has a great array of chisels of every size and type.

      For waterproofing your work, RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer is a good choice. Use one of our bench brushes to clear away debris from the concrete surface first. RadonSeal is a lifetime waterproofing sealer guaranteed to keep out radon gas. Keep your basement free of mold, moisture and radon by applying this sealer over unpainted poured concrete. The product also helps prevent pitting and spalling that occurs from freezing, road salts and chemicals. After you apply this sealant, it penetrates up to 4 inches below the concrete surface for a more lasting seal. RadonSeal strengthens the concrete to flint-hardness, and it is eco-friendly and nontoxic with no odors or fumes. The product does no contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

      Sears offers a complete selection of concrete tools including top brands like Diteq, Irwin and Belle Group. We also carry many tool products including clamps, wrenches and hammers. If you need help finding any item, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top of the page to contact a member of our Blue Tool Crew. Our experts can discuss your project with you, and recommend the best concrete and masonry tools for the job. They can also provide you with information on our latest discounts and other special offers. For example, we can cut 70 percent or more off the regular item price or offer interest-free payments on some products.

      Sears provides free shipping for certain orders, and you have the option of picking up all orders free at our stores. If you are a member of Shop Your Way MAX, we will ship all your orders free, and some items may qualify for free two-day shipping. As a member, you also accumulate points for each purchase that you can redeem later for awards. Shop with us today to find high quality concrete tools.


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