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      Hang drywall quickly and effectively with drywall tools

      Having the right dry wall tools on hand takes the hassle out of hanging drywall and produces much better results. If you're installing drywall on the ceiling, a drywall lift from Pentagon Tool or Troy will come in handy. The drywall hoist will allow you to do the work of two people with ease. Telescoping arms hold sheets up to 15 feet long. The wheels offer easy positioning, and they lock in place while you fasten the drywall. A pair of Hi-Reach drywall stilts from Bon Tool lets you work more quickly when fastening drywall or finishing it. We also have the dry wall tools and materials for taping, mudding and sanding the job.

      We've got the cutter tools you need for remodeling at home or on the job site. The Craftsman Edge utility cutter uses replaceable utility knife blades and works well on a range of soft materials. The handle release transforms it into a utility knife. Plier cutters from Clauss, Channel Lock and Knipex are ideal for wire, cable and plastic ties. Snips from Midwest Snips and Stanley make quick, precise cuts in sheet metal and can be used for plastic, cage wire and similar materials.

      Getting your tools to the jobsite and keeping them handy can be done with hand tool carriers from Craftsman, Trademark Global and The Original Pink Box. Vinyl hand tool carriers are lightweight and affordable. Many come with extra-large mouths for toting large tools and boxes of fasteners. The Craftsman Electrician's Tote has a comfortable handle, square bottom for stability and pockets on the interior and exterior that keep tools organized. The Craftsman Military Ready cases are made from tough plastic and composite material. Most feature telescoping handles and wheels for easy maneuvering. The cases come in many styles including those organized for specific contractors like electronics technicians and master mechanics.

      Our collection of trowels covers the bases. Adhesive trowels from LCM Team are notched on two edges for applying the right amount of glue or mud for flooring or tile. Masonry trowels from Marshalltown come in a variety of shapes for handling the details of bricklaying and repairs. Flatwork finishing trowels from Goldblatt are available in different lengths and widths. Many have padded handles to give you a more comfortable grip.

      From hanging drywall to laying flooring, we have the tools that make you successful. You can browse our large selection by brand or the type of tool you need for the job. Choose Sears when you want high quality combined with low prices on the tools and materials that help you get the job done.


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