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      Be prepared with hammers from Sears

      No single hammer can do it all. That's why Sears carries every type of work hammer you need to succeed. Curved claw hammers are ideal for framing and other construction. They are available from 12 oz. to more than 20 oz. to give you the right swing weight for the nail size. Wood handles are the least expensive. Steel and fiberglass handles are very tough. Graphite is strong and lightweight. We have hundreds of claw hammers from Craftsman, Estwing and Stanley for you to peruse. Sledgehammers and malls are available in various weights and lengths to suit your purposes. If you are a finish carpenter, our soft-face hammers have plastic tips that will not damage trim and cabinetry. Our catalog of hammers is completed by ballpeen hammers, engineer hammers and rubber mallets that handle a range of tasks.

      Mechanics and assembly technicians know the value of having the right ratchet sockets on their bench. From our selection of thousands to consider, you can find sockets to fit the driver sizes you use and with the depth you need for the work you do. Sets have standard, metric or both types of sockets. Craftsman Easy Read sets show the socket size in light letters contrasted with a dark background. Sunex International sockets are designed for use with an impact wrench. Affordable sockets for occasional use and professional-grade sockets give you the quality and price combination you want.

      If you have a remodeling project on the board, pry bars will help you remove the old before installing the new. Longer bars give you leverage to take up flooring. Shorter pry bars work well under cabinets and where space is tight. If you are removing baseboard trim, pry bars with thin profiles will reduce damage to the molding and the wall. The Mayhew 4-Piece set and the Schwaben 3-Piece set give you options. The Stanley FatMax Xtreme and the Dead On Annihilator are utility pry bars that can do a range of demolition jobs.

      All-purpose sockets and sets are a good way to start your collection. A basic set with standard and metric sockets will give you what you need for working on bikes, appliances and outdoor equipment. We carry basic sockets from Craftsman GearWrench and SK Tools that will prove useful for all your home repair and maintenance needs. Our selection of socket ratchets come with different lengths and sizes of drives and handles.

      You are sure to find what you want in our huge selection of hand tools. We will promptly ship any order you place or have it ready for you at your local Sears. Choose high quality tools from Craftsman and other top brands, and they'll soon be hard at work for you.


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