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      Install fasteners successfully with sets of hex keys

      Hex bolts and screws are used in many applications, so having a high quality set of hex keys is essential to getting work done. Compact hex key sets from Allen and Eklind feature keys that fold into the tool body so the entire tool fits in your pocket. Craftsman, Stanley and Bondhus make T-handle hex keys that provide a more comfortable grip along with better turning leverage. If you often work where space is tight, a set of ball end hex keys allows you to approach the socket at angles up to 30 degrees. Standard sizes, metric sizes or both are included in large sets of keys. The handles of standard and metric hex keys within a set are often different colors to avoid confusion. Many of the sets come in a rack that can be mounted on the wall or set on your workbench.

      Whether you turn a wrench as a hobby or as a job, high quality ratchets will help you make repairs more effectively. Individual ratchets and sets give you buying options. Affordable sets with common ratchet sizes are a good choice for occasional use. You'll pay more for better-quality ratchet sets from Craftsman or GearWrench, but they'll provide greater durability and more reliable performance. Your profile choices include teardrop, compact handles and long-handled ratchets. Most grips are steel because steel provides the greatest durability. Ratchets with padded handles offer greater comfort and a more secure grip.

      You'll find dozens of uses for staple guns at home or on the job. Inexpensive, light-duty models are available that use staples of various widths and lengths. Contractor-grade staple guns from Craftsman Pro and Esselte fire larger staples and wire brads too. You may want to stock up on staples from Arrow, Duo-Fast or Grex. We have the crown widths and staple lengths to suit your purposes.

      Utility knives are also very versatile, and no workbench or tool belt should be without one. Common usage includes trimming vinyl flooring or carpeting, making outlet holes in drywall and cutting banding or plastic ties. Inexpensive utility knives have all-metal bodies. Upgraded tools have nonmetal grips that add comfort and reduce slips. Compact and foldable utility knives easily fit in pockets or glove boxes. If you prefer high-end utility knives, browse your options from Schrade and Leatherman. They're available in many different models, and many have stylish and colorful handles.

      What hand tools do you need for your next project? We'll have a great selection at fantastic prices. Make Sears your one-stop tool shop for the right tools from your favorite brands.


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