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      Make precise cuts with miter boxes

      When you're installing trim or building picture frames, a good miter box and saw are indispensable tools. If your finish carpentry work is only occasional, an affordable plastic miter box from Mintcraft or Jorgensen might be all you need. Miter boxes from Craftsman, Great Neck and Task Force are a step up. Each is made from rugged composite material and comes with its own saw. They are an good choice for the DIY enthusiast working at home. Finish carpenters looking for professional-grade miter boxes will want to consider the C.R. Laurence Dual Purpose miter box or the Stanley Adjustable Angle clamping miter box set. Both allow you to adjust the cutting base for very precise angles, and they can be used to cut wood or plastic.

      Strong clamps are always appreciated in the shop or on the job site. Craftsman Bar Clamps are made in a range of clamping widths up to 36 in. They feature quick releases for removal when the glue has dried. The reversible jaws can be used as spreaders, and the grooved surfaces can be used to hold spindles and other round pieces. For heavy-duty clamping, Westward C-clamps forged from strong ductile iron are a good choice. They come in sizes to fit the demands of the project and feature a plated steel screw and pin handle for fast and secure tightening. Inexpensive spring clamps are useful for hobbies for kids and adults too.

      Cutter tools available at Sears have the muscle to cut through wire, sheet metal and other tough materials. Midwest Snips makes professional-grade sheet metal snips that are sold separately or as a set. The set features one straight and two offset snips each with handles of different colors to make it easy to reach for the one you want. Cutting pliers from Stanley, Channel Lock and Greenlee are strong enough for wire and narrow cables. The Craftsman Edge Utility cutter is a versatile tool that uses replaceable utility knife blades. It is a handy choice for carpet and vinyl flooring and other soft materials.

      Woodworkers will appreciate our wood shaping tools. They include affordable handheld wood planes for utility and high-quality planes. Draw knives and shave tools from Flexcut and Columbus McKinnon are essential instruments for wood carvers. Precision shaping tools are available in a variety of sizes and designs to make the finishing touches on any wood piece.

      We are sure to have hand tools in the price range that is right for you. When you browse our pages, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Order from Sears today, and your tools will soon be hard at work on your next project.


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