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      Work with a great set of nut drivers

      Nut drivers are handy for many tasks including assembly processes, installing drywall or wood screws and doing engine repair. Having a set of drivers on your bench means you'll have the right size for every job. Craftsman, GearWrench and Greenlee nut drivers come in sets with metric and standard sizes. Each handle sports a different color to make it easy to locate the right driver. All-in-one nut drivers feature a single handle and a set of bits. Nut drivers with T-handles provide excellent leverage. Those with extra-long handles are ideal for getting to hard-to-reach nuts under the hood. You can accessorize your nut driver set with extension shafts, a variety of bits and socket adapters.

      Metal files available at Sears give you many options for shaping wood, sharpening edges and removing unwanted materials. Flat blades come in a range of widths and cuts to give you the right file surface for every job. Round and half-round metal files are ideal for curved surfaces in metal or wood. Sets of files from Craftsman, Nicholson or Speedhex put a range of metal files at your disposal. Many come with convenient carrying pouches or a rack that can be mounted near your work bench.

      Hex head fasteners are used in a variety of applications, and having the right hex keys on hand is essential for installing and removing them. Around the house, you'll use a compact hex key set to assemble shelving and other wood products. In the shop, a set of full-size hex keys will prove useful for repairs on small engines and appliances. T-handle hex keys from Craftsman, Allen or Eklind give you excellent reach and greater leverage. Craftsman Ball End hex key sets are available in standard and metric sizes. The ball end allows you to insert the tool at an angle of up to 28 degrees. They're useful where space is limited, and they're covered by a lifetime warranty.

      A multi tool is a favorite accessory for your belt, purse or vehicle's glove box. With 15 tools or more in one handy device, you'll have pliers, screwdrivers and much more with you at all times. Leatherman multi tools are available in a wide range of models to give you the accessories you want most. They come in a rainbow of colors and finishes, so you won't have trouble finding the right multi tool.

      We've got the hand tools on your wish list. They're available in a range of qualities and prices to fit your needs. Order from Sears today, and we'll bring your tools to your front door soon.


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